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Motivational Quote - Be not afraid of going slowly; be afraid only of standing still.

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Do you ever get frustrated because things are going too slow in your life? Many people don’t realize that building a Foundation that will lead to success does not happen overnight. It is a slow process in which you are constantly building and learning. It is extremely important to create a Foundation that will remain strong even in times of failure or crisis. This takes time! You may have to remind yourself that failing is only failure if you quit…otherwise it is a learning opportunity. So, don’t worry if your life seems to be in slow motion. Concentrate on building a solid foundation and learning from your steps back.

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12/6/2015 11:13:46 AM

STARSMEMBER267's SparkPage
I needed this, thank you!


5/13/2014 8:19:27 PM

SWEET2NURSE2003's SparkPage
This is great advice. My life seems to be in overdrive all the time. I need to take the time to slow down some.


4/18/2014 2:59:20 PM

RHOOK20047's SparkPage
These are great words to live by. I saw this at the right time!


1/12/2014 9:50:45 AM

Exactly what I needed to read!!!!


2/9/2013 8:23:21 AM

LJR4HEALTH's SparkPage
great advoce especially on htis journer


2/8/2013 8:06:29 AM

Words to live by


2/8/2013 5:40:59 AM

SLACHETKA103145's SparkPage
The older I get the greater the meaning!


4/17/2012 10:07:24 AM

REGSHAR's SparkPage
After all my experience in dieting SLOW is the operative word. Steady and solid.


4/6/2012 10:58:10 PM

MAYBER's SparkPage
building a Foundation that will lead to success does not happen overnight
One day at a time


4/5/2012 12:56:27 PM

7356WILMA's SparkPage
This one is very appropriate, sometimes we get the all or nothing attitude when instead the steady as we go will get there just the same!!


4/5/2012 8:49:22 AM

223DAISY's SparkPage
So true. I always think of the story about the tortoise and the hare. Slow and steady wins the race. Not zooming pass everyone or sitting still waiting for help, but slow and steady.


4/5/2012 2:53:28 AM

COLSSON90's SparkPage
Love this one. So true.

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