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Motivational Quote - Think highly of yourself because the world takes you at your own estimate.

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Are you confident in yourself? Well if not, you will not be the only one. If you met someone lacking in confidence, would you disregard their composure and assume they are talented and skillful? Or would you go along with their own demeanor and doubt their ability? Probably choice No. 2. In order for others to show confidence in you, the first requirement is you must be confident in yourself. No one knows you better than yourself; so if you appear confident about something, others will think the same because how could they know more about you. So show some faith in yourself and others will follow.

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11/16/2012 1:00:06 PM

This quote is a great dose of "medicine"--
Having confidence is a beautiful asset! If you are meek and insecure, the bullies of this world will pick your bones! The bullies on the playground pick on the weak ones. The bullies in the workforce also pick on the weak, insecure people.


11/13/2012 6:37:04 PM

GRACIOUS823's SparkPage
Amen. If you don't think highly of yourself, no one else will!


11/13/2012 8:42:16 AM

I like this quote. I'm going to fake it until I make it today and present a confident me, though inside I'm not 100%.


11/13/2012 5:41:01 AM

I find that when I get depressed, I get less confident in myself. I know it shows. This is a great quote and one that I must work on!


9/18/2012 5:10:21 PM

My Mom always says, FAKE it TILL you MAKE IT.


9/1/2012 12:17:30 AM

Hmm... very interesting. I feel that alot of people are condesending towards me. I have wondered why. Perhaps it is because I act like I am not confident.
How does one change this at my age?.. over 50 ?


8/31/2012 8:37:58 PM

IOWADEB's SparkPage


8/31/2012 12:58:57 PM

I learned the hard way that you teach people how you want to be treated.
Always be your own Hero!


8/31/2012 11:48:10 AM

MARITIMER3's SparkPage
I can honestly say that I like myself. I'm over-weight, not particularly talented at anything, but I know that I am a loyal friend and hard-working volunteer. My family means the world to me. I haven't always been this confident, but I'm finding that as I get older (I'm 68), I care a lot less about what people think about me, and as a result, I am relaxing and liking myself more.


8/31/2012 10:38:13 AM

PATRUCK42's SparkPage
TRUTH! If you don't believe in yourself, no one else will either!


3/6/2012 10:50:29 PM

CAROLJ35's SparkPage
Great quote! Very thought provoking!!!


3/6/2012 10:29:44 PM

7356WILMA's SparkPage
When one is confident in oneself others follow. And when your not confident fake it until you make it!


3/6/2012 4:40:26 PM

CAMAEL100's SparkPage
others assume that one knows oneself best. So if one is not confident in oneself, then why should others show confidence in them. Not always easy to appear confident - must try to remember though as it makes total sense.


3/6/2012 1:19:54 PM

MAYBER's SparkPage
In order for others to show confidence in you, the first requirement is you must be confident in yourself.


2/9/2012 5:37:16 PM

KRISTYLH7's SparkPage
I don't know if it is possible to be confident ALL of the time. I think because we are human there are going to be some moments where confidence simply flys out the window. The trick is finding new and positive ways of getting it back.

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