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Motivational Quote - Everyone is an athlete. The only difference is that some of us are in training and some are not.

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Would you consider yourself in training or sitting the bench? If you said the latter, do you have a plan to get on the field? Sometimes in life we get bogged down or so used to not trying that we forget to train. Think about it. The athletes that competed in the Olympics didn’t get there by accident. They got there with extreme dedication and intense training. Although you may not want to be a typical athlete, you can think of your life the same way. There are things you can do everyday to get you in the game. For example, if you want to be a comedy writer, you can train for it. Read a book about comedy writing. Submit articles to your local newspaper. Find a person that has the job you want and contact them. Ask them how they got there and work to get on that path. A good tool to use when you are training for anything is goal-setting and tracking. SparkPeople is trying to make this easier for you.

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5/1/2014 5:03:03 AM

CHRISTINAG0117's SparkPage
I just recently started SparkPeople and I have already learned so much, and saw a different way to think about things. I never thought about the INNER athlete in training. I have neglected her and think it is time to start my training!!

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