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Movie Theater Snack Attack!

Two Thumbs Up or Blockbuster Diet Disaster?


If movie theater popcorn is a must-have, stick with a kid-sized serving and forgo the added butter or margarine. Avoid the larger sizes completely, even if it seems like a steal. Moving up to the medium serving from the small size costs only pennies more, but adds about 500 more calories and two days worth of saturated fat. Ouch!

Think you can get away with buying large and sharing? Think again. One study conducted at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign found that people who were given a large bucket of popcorn ate 50 percent more than those who were given a medium-sized bag. When asked to estimate how much they had eaten, participants thought they only ate as much as those with a smaller bag. This is one of many studies proving that if there’s food in front of us, we’ll eat it without thinking.

Those giant chocolate bars and boxes of candy at the counter are also bad news. While you might kid yourself into thinking that you won’t eat the whole thing, chances are that once you're munching away in the dark, you’ll mindlessly consume the entire box without blinking. If you absolutely have to have a treat from the candy counter, choose the smallest sizes. They offer built in portion control and fewer overall calories.

Check out the following chart to see how your movie favorites compare. Pay particular attention to the sizes, which vary from two to over nine ounces.

Theater Food Size Calories Fat
Sno Caps 3.1 oz box 300 15 g
Hot dog Medium (2 oz) 305 5 g
Mike & Ike 3 oz box 320 0 g
Junior Mints 3 oz box 360 7 g
Milk Duds 3 oz box 370 12 g
Gummi Bears 3.5 oz bag 390 0 g
Raisinets 3.5 oz bag 400 16 g
Soft pretzel Large (5 oz) 480 5 g
Starburst 4.4 oz 480 11 g
Goobers 3.5 oz box 500 35 g
Twizzlers 6 oz bag 570 4 g
M&M's 5.3 oz bag 750 32 g
Skittles 6.5 oz bag 765 9 g
Peanut M&M's 5.3 oz bag 790 40 g
Dots 9.2 oz box 850 0 g
Cheese nachos Large (4 oz) 1,100 60 g
Reese's Pieces 8 oz bag 1,160 60 g

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