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What SparkPeople Coaches Eat at the Movies

Enjoy the Show Without Blowing Your Diet


Denise Tausig, SparkPeople Community moderator
"I don’t usually eat treats at the movie theater because it’s hard for me to monitor how much I am eating when the portions are large and I'm paying attention to the movie. If I do eat a treat at the theater, I will take a small portioned snack with me (a granola bar, a small portion of nuts, graham crackers, etc). Doing that allows me to have a snack without going overboard and filling up on a lot of candy."

Looking for healthy and low-cal snack ideas when you catch your favorite movie on the big screen? Check out Movie Theater Snack Attack for more suggestions!
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Member Comments

  • I rarely go to the movies, so if I'm going, I will get regular theater popcorn. I do smuggle in a bottle of water though. My local theater sells a brand of water that makes me sick, so I can't drink it. - 2/23/2015 10:42:13 PM
  • No problem. We just eat our planned meal before going to the movie and don't eat or drink anything there. There is no law that says you have to eat while watching a movie. - 6/22/2014 10:58:36 AM
  • I smuggle in a bag of Orville Redenbacher Smart Pop butter flavor (if my husband is going to get a snack) I don't feel guilty because my husband buys enough snacks for two people. If hubs isn't in the mood for a snack neither of us eats anything. - 12/2/2013 8:38:31 AM
  • I don't go to the movies very often, and part of going to the movies is the experience, which for me includes popcorn. I order a Junior Size without butter (it may not be on the menu, but all theaters offer this very small size--just ask for it) and bring my own bottle of water, which is always my preferred drink. My daughter slips a one-serving size of nuts or trail mix into her pocket sometimes, or just takes a couple pieces of sugarless gum with her. Me, I need popcorn. Also, check online, you'll find all the major theater chains list the calorie/nutrition info for each size of their popcorn, such as this one:

    Movie Popcorn - Junior (Cinemark Theater)
    Serving Size: 1 Junior bag (38g), Calories: 200, Fat: 11g, Carbs: 22g, Protein: 3g
    - 6/11/2013 9:20:45 PM
  • I bring my own in baggies and bring a protein bar and water. Problem solved! - 6/11/2013 5:15:38 PM
  • I, too, was hoping for suggestions on what to have AT the movies rather than "I don't take anything.:" ... I mean, I go to the movies MAYBE once a year to be honest, so when I'm there I do want something... usually I get a diet soda and try to limit the damage on the popcorn.. lol...... I actually LEFT some the last time and that is the first time that's ever happened to me.

    Was reading this article hoping to find good suggestions because I'm going to go see "Spirit of the Marathon 2' tomorrow. Hubby and the kids aren't interested, so I'm going solo... Gotta remember my tissues! - 6/11/2013 4:09:43 PM
  • Some theaters now search bags. It's a pain. I was hoping this article might give more suggestions for things they have there.

    I don't always sneak a snack or a drink in (The drink is my most common offense), but I will ask for a refund of my ticket before I will let anyone for through my bag. They are not the police and don't have a warrant, you are not going through my personal property. Movie tickets are outragously expensive and the snacks are too.

    I normally get the kid's pack, but that little cup is not enough drink for me anyway. - 6/11/2013 3:36:50 PM
  • It doesn't really make sense! If you say what you have for snacks at the movies, I was expecting more a type of article with suggestions about it, and not one in which all the coaches say they bring nothing, and leave you feeling like they are superhuman and obviously you are not! - 6/11/2013 3:15:23 PM
  • I'm with Coachb Nichole! Twizzlers.. - 6/11/2013 3:01:53 PM
  • So what about the theaters that refuse to let you bring outside food? One here will acctually ask to search your bag if it's a big one, or a back pack.

    Small popcorn, no butter, shared with the husbeast. That's usually good for me. - 6/11/2013 2:50:40 PM
  • I bring a couple of sugar free candies with me. I usually suck on them during the movie, and then I'm satisfied. - 6/11/2013 2:21:04 PM
  • SO glad this was today's article--Thank you, thank you , thank you!!!
    During the summer they have free kids movies, and it's only $1 for adults, so my daughter and I go, it breaks up the summer a bit, and is air conditioned. But oh the temptation is great, lately we have been sharing a small popcorn, and getting drinks--she gets apple juice, and I get a bottled water--and bring my own flavoring to put in. It is a family owned theater--and I have requested that they offer a few healthy snacks, they are looking into adding bags of almonds, gold fish, and fruit snacks--not the healthiest I know, but way better than candy=) - 6/11/2013 2:06:23 PM
  • How many people can't go without eating for 2 hours?

    Snacking at the movies is just a habit, and it's where the movie theater makes most of its money. The movie theater overcharges for candy, drinks, snacks, and the popcorn is often stale.

    When I go to the movies, I take a bottle of water. I don't get hungry during the movie, so why eat? - 6/11/2013 12:04:16 PM
  • In the past, one of my favorite things to bring to the movies was a sandwich-sized baggie of grapes (frozen in the summer). They don't have a strong smell, aren't noisy and I could measure out a one cup portion. My daughter works at a movie theater now, so I'm less inclined to 'break the rules' and bring in my own snack. When she treats us to a movie, (she gets free passes) she and her dad (my DH) will split a large popcorn and frozen coke. I like to get my own kid's pack (small popcorn, drink and single portion serving of Sourpatch kids). That way I'm more in control of what I'm eating at the movies. - 6/11/2013 11:28:10 AM
  • If we do get anything, my family of three splits a large popcorn. One of my adult friends gets a kids snack pack for herself, which I think is a good idea--a little popcorn, a little candy, and a little drink. The concession people have never questioned whether she actually had a kid, either. ;) - 6/11/2013 10:53:46 AM

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