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Top 25 Summer Heartburn Triggers

Don't Get Burned by These Summer Favorites

If tomatoes don't bother you but spices do, go for mild salsa. If you want a dip for your chips without the spice or the tomato, try mashed avocado.

13. Ice cream
This dairy food can cause issues for many people and can be high in fat. Steer clear especially of mint and chocolate flavors, which can both trigger symptoms.
Sorbet is dairy-free, fruity and sweet!

14. Iced coffee
Coffee and the caffeine it contains can trigger heartburn.
Try iced tea instead, which contains far less caffeine.

15. Ketchup and mustard
Ketchup is tomato-based (a heartburn trigger) while mustard contains another trigger—vinegar.
Get creative with your sandwich toppers. Try hummus, fresh herbs, low-fat mayo or a favorite low-fat salad dressing.

16. Lemon meringue pie
Citrus fruits can cause heartburn.

17. Lemonade
Made with an acidic citrus fruit
Try apple juice or chilled water with just a touch of lemon.

18. Pickles
Made with vinegar, a common trigger
Try sweet relish instead. 

19. Pineapple
An acidic food
Try mango or papaya, which can aid digestion.

20. Potato chips with ranch dip
Both can be high in fat, while many dips are dairy-based

21. Root beer floats
Root beer is carbonated while ice cream is a common trigger (due to dairy and fat content).

22. Salad dressing
Many can be high in fat and contain herbs and spices (like garlic) that are triggers.
Go for low-fat salad dressings that are light on garlic and spices.

23. Sauerkraut
Not for people sensitive to vinegar

24. Tomatoes
An acidic food and common trigger

25. Watermelon
An acidic fruit that can cause digestive distress
Fresh summer fruits abound. Just avoid acidic and citrus ones.

While the foods listed above are common heartburn culprits, others can eat some (or all) of them without problems. Keeping a heartburn journal can help you narrow down your unique list of triggers, just as eating smaller meals dining more slowly can also help. Here's to cool summer fare that doesn't leave you feeling burned!

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