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''How Weight Loss Saved My Life''

The Story of Bill Smith


Between October and April, Bill lost 100 pounds! His weight dropped to 235; he also went down 10 pants sizes. He was now in the best shape of his life!

Just as things were going well for him, Bill was in a critical car accident that May. A pick-up truck hit him head on; the driver was blinded by the sun and did not see him. His car was crushed. He was pinned inside the car, and it took paramedics 45 minutes to free him from the car. He recalls that he could hardly breathe during the entire time.

Bill suffered many injuries: three broken ribs, a severally sprained neck, a broken shoulder and facial damage, and injuries to his legs and back. He was in critical condition for the three days. At one point, the doctors thought they had lost them. But Bill battled back and after nearly three weeks in the hospital, he was released.

Bill told both his doctors and paramedics about the kind of shape he was in a year ago and they all agreed – if he was still in that kind of shape, the crash would have killed him. He was so big that he would have been crushed and died before the doctors had a chance to save him.

Throughout his stay at the hospital, Bill showed character and determination that he never had a year ago. Through his persistence, he was able to get a laptop computer and Internet access in his room so he could continue talking to the SparkPeople Community, while getting work done as well.

As amazing as his weight-loss was, the quick recovery he experienced after his accident might be even more remarkable. The day he was discharged, he received the "Making a Difference" award at his church’s annual convention. The award is not even given out every year, but the church awarded it to Bill. He realized, more so than ever, how the change in his life had not only affected him, but others around him. 

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Member Comments

  • what happened to your wife. Brief this

    appstatushind - 1/6/2016 8:27:18 AM
  • Wow! Bill this is a great story. It sounds like myself dieting, but not serious about it. My husband just found out he was a diabetic. He has lost weight and eating right doing everything to the letter. My on the other hand, I do eat when he is not home. Thanks, I needed a wake up call. Best Wishes. - 12/20/2013 3:15:53 PM
  • What a blessing! Thanks for sharing. - 10/9/2013 3:59:46 PM
  • Amazing story. Very touching. Keep up the good work. - 7/26/2013 5:24:54 PM
  • A very inspiring story. Keep up the good work. - 7/31/2012 8:01:02 PM
  • Way to go bill. What a great motivational story - 4/26/2012 3:13:36 PM
  • Highest compliments to Bill! His involvement helping others reminded me of the reason I went into medicine - to help people recover and return to the good they are doing in their sphere of influence. So happy he is finding his "true self" and a part of Spark People, lending his example and inspiration! I hope he finds love again, he deserves good things! - 5/22/2011 4:57:27 PM
  • This is such a great story... really goes to show how important it is to find the strength to turn your life around and get healthy. Not just to avoid the typical medical pitfalls associated with being overweight, but even things that seem beyond one's control like this. Congratulations to Bill for being able to get on track despite all the setbacks in his life. This story has inspired me to become more committed to my own weight loss program which has been sitting on the back burner for years. I want to get healthy too. :) - 6/17/2010 11:32:44 AM
  • SPBTB59
    I really enjoyed reading the article , because he did what needed to be done. He ran out of excuses,and just did it. I feel inspired to stay more motivated. - 5/23/2010 8:02:23 PM
  • I loved that story! I would also like to know how Bill is doing now and about his wife... - 2/21/2010 2:20:31 PM
  • Have there been any updates to this article? How is life these days? Still on track? What about the marriage?
    God really showed up. - 12/10/2009 8:36:56 AM
  • Inspiring story... but I agree we are left hanging about the wife. - 10/27/2009 9:48:13 AM
    .God was certainly in that whole scenario for sure.... - 6/29/2009 9:03:43 PM
  • What happened with his wife? That's a great story, but depressing too. - 6/29/2009 2:00:33 PM
  • Bill, thank you for writing this amazing story! God bless you. You are an inspiration to everyone! - 6/29/2009 2:15:43 AM

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