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Virtual Food Pro Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Physical Activity-Nutrition Rebate program?
One of IBM’s Healthy Living Rebate programs for 2007, the $150 Physical Activity-Nutrition Rebate rewards eligible employees for completing either an online physical activity program or a nutrition/weight management program. All program details can be found on the Wellness for Life website.

Who is eligible for the rebate?
The 2007 Physical Activity-Nutrition Rebate is available to regular active employees who elected to participate during the annual benefits enrollment period last fall. The program is not available to supplemental employees, new hires in 2007, retirees, spouses/domestic partners, or other dependents.

What if I elected to participate during annual enrollment, but the Virtual Food Pro site indicates that I am not eligible?
Please submit a Help Desk ticket via the help links at the top or bottom of each Virtual Food Pro page. Please include your employee serial number with your inquiry.

Can I change my mind and do one of the Physical Activity options to earn the rebate instead?
Yes. You can always go back to the Wellness for Life web site and follow the instructions for one of the physical activity options instead. Credit cannot be combined, however, between physical activity and nutrition or weight management.

Can I earn a rebate for the Nutrition/Weight Management option if I already earned one for one of the Physical Activity options this year, or vice versa?
No. Eligible employees can only receive one $150 Physical Activity-Nutrition Rebate in 2007. You are, of course, encouraged to utilize all wellness tools available to you even if the one-time rebate has already been earned.

What is involved in the Nutrition/Weight Management option to earn the rebate?
Three steps are required on the Virtual Food Pro site to earn the rebate:
  • Step 1: Complete the three-question online self-assessment upon entering the site.These questions help assess your food habits, eating patterns, and confidence in controlling behavior.
  • Step 2: Complete program set-up, which involves setting goals and further customizing your program.
  • Step 3: Utilize site features of your choice in preparation for your 12-week re-assessment. The same three-question online self-assessment will be used to help evaluate your progress.
How do I choose whether to concentrate on Nutrition or on Weight Management?
During program set-up (Step 2), you will be given the choice along with information about what each focus entails. Program guidance, home page features, and email options will differ between the two, but you will always have access to all site tools and resources.
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