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Diet like a Diva: Shakira


Shakira, Shakira!  Even though Wyclef really didn’t know she could dance like that, we certainly knew it and only wish we could as well.  As a woman of Colombian and Lebanese descent, Shakira was blessed not only with an exotic beauty and enchanting voice, she was also blessed with the sense to recognize the importance of being a healthy, full-figured woman.  You’ll be glad to know that no magic pill/potions or fad diets help her look stunning every time she performs.


After trying several diet alterations Shakira realized that absurd diet restrictions would not be able to be maintained long-term.  She claims to eat in a balanced way—never over-eating or starving herself.  She admits she’s not too good about regularly exercising with her physical trainer when she’s not actively promoting new material.  Shakira recommends finding ways to workout that don’t seem like a workout whenever and wherever you are—like say, for example, dancing!  Now those hips don’t lie!


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  • Shakira, "full-figured"? Really? I think she's skinny!
    Beyonce may fall into that category a little bit more, but the "nowadays" Shakira is pretty small!