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What is  your least favorite form of exercise?
Dean: I’m not very fond of high intensity interval exercise (strength or cardio), but I do like how I feel afterwards, so I try to do one session of each weekly.

Chris: If I'm not doing them regularly, sprints are hard. But, I love them if I'm doing them consistently.

Becky: I refuse to go to a gym, so if it can’t be done at home, then I’m not going to participate. I’d rather be done with the exercise than spend 40 minutes on the road just getting to and from the gym.

Tanya: I HATE classes led by an instructor. From the first aerobics class I took in college I have disliked having someone tell me when and how to exercise. I like setting my own pace and schedule based on how I feel.

Jen: Weight training!

Nicole: Step aerobics

Do you ever skip the warm-up, cool down or stretches?
Dean: I probably would skip warm-ups pretty often, except that I walk to the gym, and count that as my warm-up. My cool down often consists of stopping at the water fountain on the way back to the locker room. And I do whatever stretching I do between sets, but I also do a little yoga at home several times per week.

Chris: Sometimes I'm so excited to play tennis that I'll skip the warm up.

Becky: I never warm up, cool down or stretch first. I may start out a little slower and end a little slower. As far as stretching, I try to focus about 20 minutes on this, 3 times/week (while watching some brain-dead TV show), it takes a long time to stretch out this 45 year old body…slow and easy is the best pace for me.

Tanya: I have never been very good with fitting all of them in at every workout so I frequently skip something.

Jen: I never skip them, but do cut them shorter than I should some days, especially if I'm in a hurry.

Nicole: As an instructor, I include all of these things when I teach. On my own however, I tend to skip the stretching, but never the warm-up or cool down.

What exercises do you tend to skip when you don't feel like working out?
Dean: I skip the Stairmaster and do a little reading on the stationary bike instead.

Chris: My regular 20-minute stationary bike ride can be easy to skip if my day is real busy.

Becky: When I’m tired and really don’t want to do my workout, I compromise and go for a long walk with the dog…and I always feel better when I return.

Tanya: Warming up and cooling down—I just go straight to raising the heart rate.

Jen: I'll skip the weight training just because I don't like it as much (I know, that's bad), or I'll just do a lighter day of cardio than I was planning for.

Nicole: If I had to choose between cardio and strength training, I'd pick cardio most of the time and skip the weights.
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