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9 Dieting Paradoxes That Make Perfect Sense - Part 2

How Can That Be?

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Imagine living a life of doing things because you want to, not because you have to.

PARADOX 6: You can get more results with less effort.
Opposite of everything you’ve ever been told, how is this possible? Simply put, as you build yourself a strong foundation, you don't have to stretch as far to get what you want.

Pretend you're collecting walnuts from a tree by throwing rocks into the branches. At first, you'd have some success, but the effort outweighs the results. Now, suppose you started to build a ladder by grinding the used walnuts into a woody pulp, a ladder that grew as you collected more walnuts — a cycle of growth begins. The higher the ladder grows, the closer you get to the walnuts. The closer you get, the easier it is to hit and collect more walnuts for your ladder, your foundation.

Eventually, you'll reach the branches. Then, just by shaking the branches, you can collect hundreds of walnuts in just a few seconds. Ta-da! Results outweigh the effort.

You'll also be in a perfect spot to go after a higher tree.

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  • Rewrite.... - 10/21/2010 9:35:26 AM
  • The walnut part was really funny, I liked that. Yea I got it too. - 10/21/2009 11:06:27 AM
  • Great article; sometimes pushing too hard for something is the surest road to defeat. Winning usually demands finess not just brute force. We need excellence (not perfectionism), balance, planning and persistence, and gratitude (focusing on how far we've come rather than whining about how far we have to go) in all areas of endeavor. - 10/21/2009 10:15:55 AM
  • I also really enjoyed this article, Mike. Obviously, you are living the way I want to live my life. I will continue on my trek - with your help - and the help of the wonderful people at

    Have a great day! - 10/22/2008 7:04:59 AM
  • Great article, Mike. I would like to add something I noticed from the message boards, a sort of a widespread attitude/myth /misconception that consists of waiting to lose weight in order to gain self-confidence. As I see it, and it is worth writing about it, building self confidence is a process that takes place every day, rather then waiting for the D day, or magical morning when...certain conditions are present (20 kg less, or if it snows, or if boyfriend phones...) self confidence will appear, like Phoenix from the ashes. Best wishes. - 1/5/2008 11:24:57 AM
  • Great article. - 12/23/2007 2:49:11 AM

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