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11 Ways to Make Father's Day Special

Have Fun With Your Children

Father’s Day is a unique opportunity for dads and kids to step outside the norm, learn a bit more about each other and have some fun in the process. Here is a list of activities for fathers to do with their sons and daughters on Father’s Day.

11 Activities to do with Kids on Father’s Day:
  1. Switch roles with them. Let them be the dad and you, the kid.
  2. Tell them a story, but not one from a book. Make something up or tell them a few anecdotes from your childhood – especially ones where you got into trouble.
  3. Do something important in the community. Volunteer at a homeless shelter. Help Habitat for Humanity build a house. Or, if the kids are older, do some work for a cause they support.
  4. Make a movie of the day. If you don’t have a movie camera, take a few rolls of regular film, get them developed at a one-hour photo place and make a scrapbook.
  5. Pretend you like the tie they got you and wear it all day.
  6. Take (don’t send) them to a concert. They get to pick the music and you resist the urge to complain about it.
  7. Listen. Set aside some time and let the kids know that you’re available to listen to anything they have to say on any topic at all. Give advice only if they ask for it.
  8. Visit or call or write your own father to wish him a happy Father’s Day. If he’s not alive, spend some time telling your kids about him.
  9. Write the kids a thank-you card – not for the gifts, but just for being. After all, you wouldn’t be a father without them.
  10. Let them meet the secret you. Tell them something about yourself that they’ve never heard before – could be a favorite place or a secret dream you had as a kid.
  11. Best of all: Do absolutely nothing. Spend a completely unstructured day with the kids doing exactly what they want to do. Ignore the distractions of the phone, e-mail, bills, work and errands and focus completely on them. Top off the day with an ice-cream sundae.

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Member Comments

    the author doesn't get it ,, IT IS FATHERS DAY.. not kids day. do something special for DAD.
  • I love the trading places idea!
    Father's day should be about DAD, not so much about the kids. Though, dad should spend time with his kids, the kids should be encouraged to watch/listen/do what dad wants more than dad do what the kids want to do, IMO.
    I was into heavy metal and rock when I was a teenager, taking my "classical music fan" of a father to one of my concerts would have not been about him at all. That would have been just mean, I think! hahaha
  • These are nice ideas about bonding with your children but I agree with other commenters that father's day is about dad, not the kids. If this is how dad wants to spend his day, that is great. But I think it's nice to focus on him more.
  • I've shared this with a friend of mine. There were a few items listed that I am sure he would enjoy doing with his son. I like the idea of writing the son a Thank You. Think I might use that one for Mothers day next year
  • Great article. I miss the times that we could have spent together. My father was always gone.
    'Top off the day with a sundae' - hmph!!!
    I'm curious if you would have the same suggestions for celebrating Mother's Day. As other posters have said, it's FATHER'S DAY, not KID'S DAY. The kids should be doing things for the dad.

    What about bringing DAD breakfast in bed - traditional for Mother's Day.
    What about taking DAD out for dinner and celebrating not just DAD, but FAMILY?
    What about making a special gift or card for DAD?
    What about washing DAD's car,or cutting the grass?
    What about the kids going to one of DAD's concerts?
    What about playing a game that DAD likes, or watching a game with him?

    Since most families cater to what the kids want every day of the year, it's time to celebrate the parents.
  • Happy Father's Day to everyone who plays the role.
  • These are all great ideas of things you should do with your kids, but it is this kids' day or father's day?
  • don't just do this on Father's Day. If possible set aside at least 1/2 day a week to devote just to children.
  • YASMINE111
    I liked the article so much, but I find it more useful to be made in vaccations and holidays where dads have to spend more time with their kids after a hard week of work; I see that kids will do nothing that way to celebrate their father's day, instead we celebrate their existance the whole year!
  • I just watched Charlie Rose's show on Tim Russert, and Tim most obviously loved his dad and knew his dad loved him. Like most fathers of his generation (and many now), Tim's dad expressed his love through what he did, not what he said. I love these suggestions, because they give today's dads ways to express their love for their kids, in words or by other means they may find easier. I send my love and respect to all the dads out there - Happy Fathers Day - you deserve it.
  • Several of these tips translate for my role as Auntie -- thanks!

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