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Make Options Instead of Excuses

Hurdle #3: "I’m experiencing 'burnout' on my current program." Helpers:
  • Change your routine! Workout in the morning or midday instead of the evening. If you usually exercise outdoors, bring it inside and try a new piece of cardio equipment or fitness video. Take a class at your gym. Even just changing the order of your exercises can fight boredom.
  • Set simple goals at first—ones that may even seem easy like walking for 5 minutes. Gradually build up by adding more difficult goals. Increase activity (time, distance) and intensity (speed, resistance, incline) as you gain success and momentum.
  • Find a fitness buddy who has similar goals; make regular appointments to exercise together. A buddy can also be comforting when you’re afraid to try something new like join a gym or take that Yogilates class.
  • Do things you enjoy! Exercise doesn’t have to be a "work" out. Play soccer, basketball or another game instead of just jogging or riding the stationary bike. Learn karate or tae kwon do. Take a ballroom dance class with your partner.
Hurdle #4: "I don’t have the support of my family and friends." Helpers:
  • Join a support group on the Message Boards. When you’re going through similar challenges together, you can encourage and make each other accountable.
  • Ask a co-worker, friend, neighbor, or fellow gym member to be your workout buddy.
  • Speak positively about your healthy nutrition and exercise routine.
  • Develop a reward system for yourself. If others won’t congratulate you, congratulate yourself!
  • Tell them how important these changes are to your health and happiness—and how that affect their lives too. Your loved ones should be there to support you, not sabotage you. Ask them for support, even if they may not be willing to change their own habits.

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