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Find Ways to be Inefficient


Here’s another one: purposely being inefficient. That can be a tough one to swallow, because we work so hard in our society to be efficient. My bringing in wood is a good example of inefficiency. Maybe you don’t heat with wood. How about purposely making extra trips from the car to the house with the grocery bags? Rather than load up on as many bags as you possibly can (and we all know how many we can carry, just barely brushing the ground and yet, not really touching it at all!), carry just one in each hand, briskly walking to and from the house.

You see, finding fitness throughout your day doesn’t just happen by chance. You must make it happen! You must live consciously, rather than subconsciously (or in some of our cases unconsciously!), living intentionally, rather than unintentionally. Just floating through your days without really thinking about what you’re doing will keep you heading on the same course you’re currently headed, in which case you must ask yourself: is the destination desirable?

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Carrie Myers Smith Carrie Myers Smith
Carrie Carrie is an ACSM-certified personal trainer with a bachelor's degree in exercise science and health education. Her work has appeared in Shape, Fitness, Cooking Light and Energy for Women.

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