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The Keys to Aerobic Exercise

What You Need to Know


Try Circuit Training
Circuit training is a fun way to add variety to your aerobic workout, and an efficient way to get an aerobic and resistance training in one workout. A circuit usually consists of 6-15 exercises, in which you move from one exercise to the next with little or no rest. This allows your heart rate to stay elevated, and helps you enjoy a variety of different exercises while getting a full body workout and the benefits of aerobic effort.

Example circuit. (Click to see exercise demonstrations found in the Fitness Resource Center):
  1. Step-ups – 30 seconds
  2. Ball squats – 12 reps
  3. Lumbar extension – 16 times
  4. Push-ups with Swiss ball – 10-15 times
  5. Jump rope – 100 times
  6. Hamstring flexion with Swiss ball – 12 times
  7. Bicycle crunch – 20 times
  8. Reverse flies – 12 times
Stay Loose
It’s important to warm up, cool down and stretch during every workout. You'll be able to perform better during the workout, and your body will have a faster recovery once you're done. Check out the benefits of a proper warm-up before exercise, as well as things to think about if you are a beginner .

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