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Rebounding (Trampoline Jumping): 111 calories per half hour
Even though it involves jumping and both your feet will leave its surface simultaneously, rebounding or trampoline jumping is still considered a low-impact workout because the trampoline absorbs most of the shock (whereas a hard surface would not). Mini-trampolines are affordable and easy to use outdoors, or in a basement or room with a high enough ceiling and a sturdy floor. You can find DVDs with different fitness routines or you can simply jog in place. You can even do interval training on a trampoline, moving between fast jogging and marching in place. For many people with bad knees, hips or ankles, trampoline workouts offer the higher intensity workout they crave without the jarring impact of running or traditional exercise.
This article has been reviewed and approved by Nicole Nichols, Certified Personal Trainer. 
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