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What are some Jazzercise exercises?
Here are a few of many:
  • Basic Aerobic Movements
  • Jazz Stretch
  • Attitude Lift
  • Diagonal Toe Touches
  • Flick-Kick
  • Heel Hop
  • Knee Lift
  • Pendulum Lift
  • Hip Rock
  • Power Legs
  • Lunges
  • Plies
  • Rock Lunge
  • Fancy Footwork
  • Jazz Square
  • Kick Ball Change
  • Side-to-Side Movements

To read more about Jazzercise, visit its main Website. Good luck and enjoy!
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Member Comments

  • Sadly Jazzercize isn't as affordable as when this article was written. In the day when there are SO many fitness options including gyms that are only $10 per month, individual "come try us out" Jazzercize classes are $14 each. Sorry Jazzercize...I'll be checking out $5 Zumba right next door!!! - 4/12/2016 3:38:20 PM
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE my Jazzercise! It helped me lose over 60 pounds several years ago! - 4/7/2016 11:02:37 AM
  • The picture accompanying this article is wrong. We don't use steps in Jazzercise. - 3/30/2016 8:33:44 PM
  • GYMMOM55
    I have done Jazzercise for eight months on a twelve month commitment plan. I am counting the days until I am done. I find this exercise so low level. There are some instructors that move and offer a fair workout. Others are so lame that its hard to call it exercise. I consider Jazzercise an activity, not an exercise.
    The dance moves are awful. The counts are off and hard to follow (two of our local instructors are also teachers so they are the better ones for instructions). The first month I heard the word "booty" so many times I thought it was a "booty class". We often do "single single, double" movements which are SO annoying. Just keep counting and moving!
    Many participants think the class is their own private club. They shuffle, run and go ALL over the floor with no attention to others in the room. It is scary.
    The instructors keep the music LOUD and will raise the volume repeatedly during the classes.
    I find the exercises are very hard on the back. Each day has a new set of music but the latest set of music presented has been extremely hard on the back. It is not a class for those with any back issues.
    Jazzercise assumes you have good core and are into shaking your hips with loud music.
    There will be a PARTY in December when I am done Jazzercise.
    I think walking, biking, kickboxing and spinning are MUCH better exercise options.
    - 8/26/2015 4:09:58 PM
  • The only way to fly....even if it's been awhile and it bout kills me! - 10/8/2014 2:33:27 PM
  • I love Jazzercise so much I became an instructor! I've told people I'm a lifer. Such a great group of people and a workout that doesn't feel like a workout. It's FUN! - 9/16/2014 12:47:59 PM
  • The photo relaed to this article is very misleading! I don't think they use steps in Jazxzercise classes! - 7/7/2014 5:40:40 PM
  • I did Jazzercise years ago. it was great fun. :) :) :) - 7/7/2014 7:11:28 AM
  • I have taken Jazzercise since 1994, in fact, I'm the reason my daughter became an instructor. Jazzercise is not your grandmother's workout. You need to go to the new classes. All music and routines are updated regularly. In our small town, we have 4 instructors and they are all the best. Anyone that thinks Jazzercise isn't a complete workout, is not putting their all into the class. And, now they offer a variety of classes to keep things interesting. There is the regular Jazzercise, Fusion (which is circuit training), Strength 60 (a complete hour of strength training) and also Strike. Try it, you'll like it. The story needs to be updated and redone, though. - 6/24/2014 3:29:09 PM
  • In theory Jazzercise sounds like it should be right up my ally - I love the 80s style aerobic classes. But the couple of times I tried it I found that the choreography was awkward and jerky....not sure if that was just an issue with the instructor or what, but later I bought a Jazzercise DVD and it was the same way. There is a class three nights a week near my home...maybe I should try it again. - 12/28/2013 4:28:01 PM
  • I love Jazzercise. I was never able to find a fitness routine that I could stay with until I found Jazzercise. Believe me, I have tried everything under the sun. As an older, out of shape gal when I started, I was able to modify by eliminating any jumping or skipping and just marching. I guess I have a super instructor, because she always explains the modification you can make for each exercise while still showing us how to get the most out of the exercise like using big arm movements, straight arms, or raising your knees high, and she also encourages everyone to try to step bigger, add a little jump, or try one of the more challenging positions when doing floor work. If you are looking for a fitness routine that you will want to go back to again and again, and will find yourself smiling when you are right in the middle of the class and sweating buckets, this is for you. I recently bought a Polar FT4 heart rate monitor, and I consistently burn between 450 and 600 calories each time I attend class. If my knee or back is bothering me, I just ratchet it down a bit. - 7/23/2013 11:37:47 AM
    I LOVE Jazzercise (once you get over the 80s name). It's hot Top40 music, great moves, and a fantastic workout, incorporating aerobic dance and strength training. I wear a mio heart-rate watch, and routinely burn 550 - 650 calories in an hour and have fun doing it. Plus, it's easy to modity for low impact ... which I do and still burn that calorie range!

    - 6/4/2013 9:44:22 AM
  • Hey Jazzercise! Those used to be hugely popular when I was a kid. There were signs and ads for it everywhere around here! - 3/15/2013 10:03:01 PM
  • I have never been to a Jazzercise class because there are none available near where I live, but I have purchased 2 Jazzercise DVDs. They're OK, but I strained my back doing one of them. There are no modifications shown on the DVDs for those with back or knee problems. I modified the movements myself, but it wasn't enough.

    I get a better workout from lower impact aerobic videos. To me, they are just as good as Jazzercise. - 3/15/2013 8:17:56 PM
    My SIL has done Jazzercise forever and my friend joined Jazzercise a month or two ago and really likes it. My local one has free classes on the weekends for the month of March, so I'm gonna go try it out! - 3/15/2013 3:42:09 PM

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