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Are You Wearing the Right Sports Bra?

A Guide for Women of All Shapes and Sizes


Below are the steps to take your own measurements.
  1. Use a tailor’s tape or cloth measuring tape when taking your measurements.
  2. Stand up straight, preferably in front of a mirror.
  3. Wear a normal (non-padded) bra, not a sports bra, when taking your measurements.
  4. Find your bust measurement. Wearing a non-padded bra, measure the fullest part of your chest by loosely wrapping the tape measure around your chest, making sure the tape is straight in the back and front. Once you get a number, round to the nearest whole number to get your bust measurement. 
  5. Find your band measurement. Measure your ribcage just under your breasts, making sure the tape is snug (not tight) and not lower in the back than in the front. 

    Your Measurement (in inches) 27" 28-30" 31-33" 34-36" 37-38"
    Band Size 30 32 34 36 38

    Past a meaurement of 38 inches, the band size will be the closest even number to your measurement.
  6. Find your cup size. Subtract your band measurement (step 5) from your bust measurement (step 4). Use the chart below to determine which letter is your cup size. (However, the chart becomes less accurate once you get past a 4-inch difference.)

    Bust – Band difference Cup Size
    1/2" AA
    1" A
    2" B
    3" C
    4" D
    5" DD or E
    6" F
    7" G

  7. Put your band size with your cup size and you have your bra size. (But remember, this is just a starting point to help you narrow down which options to actually try on.) Continued ›
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