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The whole time, try to hit the same spot on the wall and try to keep your arms above your head. As you catch the medicine ball above your head, you can try to increase your range of motion in the shoulder area by bringing the ball back a little bit behind the head before releasing. Be careful that you don’t go back too far, and make sure you warm up and stretch before performing any medicine ball exercises!

Re-Gaining Strength
Another great way to use medicine ball training is for rehab, but make sure you check with your doctor or therapist before doing so. If you have an injured shoulder, you can take a small, 2-pound medicine ball, face the wall approximately 6 inches away, toss the ball against the wall and back to your hand, keeping your arm raised above your head. This will improve joint integrity and strengthen the muscles in your shoulder, with light resistance. It’s very important that you have discussed any injury you might have with your doctor first to ensure that you aren’t making things worse.

These are just a few examples of how to improve your everyday life through medicine ball training. There are numerous exercises, both for beginners and the advanced. Athletes often use medicine ball training to enhance functional power in their sports. It is a great way to train explosive movements and improve coordination. You can also set up a circuit of 6-8 exercises, where you are going from one exercise to the next with minimal rest, to improve conditioning and maintain and elevated heart rate.

All you need is a sturdy wall and a medicine ball. Have fun!

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