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Stuff We Love: Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone

Editor's note: Two of our favorite fitness bloggers have teamed up in a regular health and fitness podcast, and we've invited them to tell you more about it.

Tired of the same old tunes when you're working out? Want some aural inspiration for your weight loss? Shauna Reid, author of The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl, has teamed up with Carla Birnberg of popular blog MizFit to create a kick butt health and fitness podcast called Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone.

SHAUNA: Last summer I was deep in mourning after Jillian Michael quit her weekly radio show. I'd downloaded every episode! She used to ramble about her life then take questions from callers from all over country--just ordinary people sharing their fitness triumphs and problems. Celebrities with amazing abs are quite inspiring... but everyday people making their dreams happen? That's real inspiration if you ask me.

I couldn't find a substitute podcast so I thought... why not start one myself? I loved the idea of making something for people to listen to while working out, or to distract them at work when the cookies are calling their name. I roped in Carla Birnberg to be my co-host. I was a longtime fan of her MizFit blog and knew from her video posts that she was a great talker with a vast knowledge of all things fitness.
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Dietgirl Shares Her 20 Best Weight-Loss Secrets

Today's guest blogger is Shauna Reid, otherwise known as Dietgirl. In 2001, after seeing her gigantic white underpants waving in the breeze, Shauna decided enough was enough. It was time to lose weight. Then 351 pounds, she could barely walk down the block. Seven years and 175 pounds later, the 31-year-old Australia native is happily married and living in Scotland. (See the before and after photos here.)

How did she lose half her body weight and keep it off? Ultimately, the same way many SparkPeople members did: Through perseverance, hard work and moderation. Here, she offers 20 tips for those trying to lose weight and get healthy.

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A Minute with…Dietgirl Blogger & Author Shauna Reid

Recently I chatted with a talented young writer named Shauna Reid, better known as Dietgirl. Seven years ago, Shauna was living in her native Australia and chowing down on family-size bricks of chocolate most afternoons. She weighed 351 pounds, battled depression and didn't exercise. Inspired to change her fate, the website creator and journalism school graduate started a blog called "The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl." Now Shauna is 175 pounds lighter and that blog has become a book of the same name. She's happy, healthy, and motivated. (See the before and after photos here.)

Her book is amazingly honest and heartfelt. I read an advance copy in just five days--and it's a hefty 405 pages. If you've never struggled with your weight, you will feel true compassion for anyone who has, and you'll come to respect the hardships that obese people endure. If you know what it's like to battle your weight, you'll recognize parts of yourself in Shauna's tale. This story is both witty and profound and has a definite lack of self-pity.

Shauna started losing weight through Weight Watchers and even tried a pricey low-calorie diet program. They didn't work. She hit several plateaus and gained some weight back several times.

Eventually she settled on a self-made program of sensible eating, exercise and moderation. (Sound familiar?) Today, she maintains a healthy 175-pound frame and is training for her green belt in kickboxing.

Read on to find out how Shauna--who says she's a big fan of SparkPeople--stays motivated.

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