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Make Brunch Better, with These Recipes

Spring gardens are in full bloom and the beauty of the season is reaching its peak. It's as if the gardens themselves are working overtime for Mother's Day, celebrating the proverbial "busy bees" in our lives, our moms.

Mother's Day brunch is a tradition for many families, but it often includes endless buffet tables chock-full of high fat, salt saturated, and sugar laden dishes. The high price tag of these "all you can eat affairs" wreak havoc on our common sense, leading us to rationalize eating more than we our stomachs are designed to hold. We enjoy the company of our loved ones, yes, but do we welcome the bathroom scale the following morning?

Give Mom the gift of love through a healthy and fun meal. I've gathered our best brunch recipes for you to enjoy. Many of these are from our Chef Meg. Her gourmet recipes are simple to prepare and don't require an endless list of ingredients, highlighting spring fruits and vegetables. They are perfect for dads and children to prepare together too, making the cooking as fun as the eating, if not more.  Here are some other ideas to make this Mother's Day memorable: visit your local farmer's market; create a customized playlist with songs that celebrate memories with Mom; pick some fresh flowers from the garden; and adorn the table with china. Most importantly, don't forget to clean up the kitchen so Mom can spend the evening basking in the love of her loved ones.  
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Free E-Book: Mother's Day Brunch Recipes

Take a peek inside "The SparkPeople Cookbook: Love Your Food, Lose the Weight," with this FREE e-book, "Light and Easy Mother's Day Brunch Recipes from SparkPeople" written by Chef Meg. Get 3 sweet and 3 savory dishes that are perfect for Mother's Day brunch, plus a brand-new intro from Chef Meg!
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Battle of the Breakfast Platters

Who doesn't love lingering over a big breakfast or brunch with friends and family? The only problem is that large breakfasts often come with a truckload of calories from all those pancakes, bacon strips, and bottomless drink refills. Luckily, many restaurants that serve breakfast and brunch have developed healthier options so you can still enjoy all the pleasure of this fun morning meal while still staying within your calorie range for the day. IHOP and First Watch have both stepped up their healthy offerings and even devote special sections of their menus to healthier fare. Which lightened-up breakfast dish is lowest in calories: is it IHOP's Two-Egg Breakfast from their ''SIMPLE & FIT'' menu, which includes scrambled egg substitute, two strips of turkey bacon, whole wheat toast, and fresh fruit? Or is it the egg white, turkey, spinach, mushroom, and swiss cheese Power Wrap from the ''Healthier Side'' menu at First Watch?
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Chef Meg's Egg-Cellent Tips and Recipes

Why did the chicken cross the road?  To take a vacation from all the egg laying.  Funny to me and you but not the chickens. 
When chickens first became domesticated animals, the only time you actually ate then was if a hen stopped laying eggs or on a holiday when no meat could be found.  If you ate an egg-laying  hen, you ate the business. 
My family has a long history of raising chickens for eggs. Back when my great-grandmother was raising hens, the birds--omnivores by nature--ate grain and roamed outside to peck for proteins in the form of bugs and worms.  Times certainly have changed from Ma's day. 
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