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From our partners at Woman's Day

Think you need to go to the gym to get in a workout? Think again! Check out our newest Woman's Day video series, Work Out Anywhere, to see various exercise moves that you can do in the unlikeliest of places, such as at the grocery store or in your office. Today's video demonstrates different ways you can burn calories on the stairs!

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What are your favorite ways to squeeze in exercise?

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    I'm a daycare teacher, for circle time I use exercise cd's for children and I get my 10 min cardio in by doing marches , hopping , leg lifts, the children enjoy them and find them fun to do - 12/5/2010   12:05:15 AM
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    I wouldn't think jumping on the stairs would be all that safe. Especially with a lot of people around, but otherwise great video. You really don't need a gym to be fit after all. Just use the world around you to the best of your abilities. =) - 11/30/2010   11:51:28 PM
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    I use Coach Nicole's videos and walk away the pounds for a 15 min mile. If I do not have that kind of time and don't want to sweat... a walk is great. - 11/26/2010   7:35:27 AM
    Cool! Thanks for the video. It is so sensible! Bless you! Pam - 11/25/2010   12:04:52 PM
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    Great little routine. I plan to inject these into my shorter training runs during the week. - 11/25/2010   3:27:16 AM
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    I love Denise Austin. She will be 54 in February & she is the mother of 2 girls. She is 5'4" and 112# and looks great. She went to college at the U. of Arizona on the gymnastic team & ranked 9th on Balance Beam. She went on to get her degree in exercise. - 11/24/2010   3:04:34 PM
    If I have a limited amount of time to workout I like to do the 10 minute "New YOU Bootcamp: Day One" workout here on SparkPeople.

    I just got a swiss ball and am looking forward to incorporating days two and three into my workout when I have the time. Perhaps I will give this a try on Thanksgiving before people come over (and I stuff myself moderately silly!) - 11/24/2010   11:56:12 AM
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    It's fun to use the stadium steps at the college near my house. First I get a good warm up walking from home to the stadium and then climb the steps. There's also a walking track there that I sometimes use so lots of good areas for calorie burning. - 11/23/2010   1:06:56 PM
    This mini workout was more effort than I expected! I was using the stairs in my house and had limited width for jumping jacks. So instead of starting at the bottom and going up to a 3rd stair, I started 3 stairs down from the landing and did the jacks up there.

    Now I'm wondering: how do I track this in my workout tracker? :^) - 11/23/2010   1:04:56 PM
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    Where do I sneak in exercise ? You'll find me taking a few extra sets of stairs whenever I have the chance.
    - 11/23/2010   9:17:34 AM
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    I love stairs! In Seattle we have the Big Climb, which benefits the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society chapter - 69 stories in the stairwells of one of our downtown skycrapers! - 11/23/2010   12:22:24 AM
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    Lots of interesting ideas. Some like the hops up aren't for my knees. I did really like the leg extensions and the calf raises. - 11/23/2010   12:00:54 AM
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    Interesting blog. I like the calf raises though, that's about it. - 11/22/2010   10:51:59 PM
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    I don't think I'm coordinated enough to do these exercises. (lol) - 11/22/2010   8:51:07 PM
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    I don't know...jumping jacks on stairs? That sounds dangerous. But the Hustle up the Hancock sounds fun...too bad I don't live in Chicago! - 11/22/2010   7:00:04 PM
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    Stairs, stairs, stairs... got to love them. If you're in the Chicago area come join me at the 2011 Hustle up the Hancock event. The full climb is closed but the half climb still has slots!! - 11/22/2010   6:28:15 PM

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