Sometimes When I Look at Myself...

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Sometimes When I Look at Myself

 Sometimes when I look at me,
I see this person looking back,
And all that I can think of,
Is everything she lacks.
Her hair is brown and common,
Her eyes a bluish green,
She keeps her smile to herself,
As she doesn’t want it seen.
She’s heavyset and not athletic,
Her body not to her liking,
But actually she’s a butterfly,
Quite beautiful and striking.
Breaking through cocoon walls,
Made her very strong,
She never knew she had it in her,
But she had it all along.
Maybe she doesn’t always see,
The beauty from the mirror,
But she sees it in the faces,
Of those who really hear her.
She calls out to give strength,
To anyone who will listen,
“Love yourself and choice by choice,”
You too will come to glisten.
It’s never all or nothing,
It’s never one last meal,
It’s all about your journey,
And how you choose to heal.
Learn to fly with stained glass wings,
That glisten in the sun,
The cocoon is hard to get through,
But flying is such fun.
What do YOU see when you look at yourself? What do you like most about yourself?

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I sometimes have these same little little flutters of joy, after having lost 111 pounds, yet I am much more likely to see the shame and feel the self loathing knowing I still have 100 more to lose. This poem was very nice to read, I am very happy for you Beth. Report
I love this. When I look in the mirror, I am finally seeing myself as "a little chubby" now, not grossly fat. I am not thin, and never will be. But I'm happy with what I have accomplished. I am wearing large and 14's in clothes and I feel great. Looking at my old photos makes me sad, happy, and sickened by what I had allowed myself to become. 110 lbs down, 25 to go. Report

thank you! Report
Beth, I love it, so much in fact, that I put it in my "favorites!" Great! Report
You really should publish a book of your poetry, Beth! It (and you) are awesome! Report
LOVED it! Fly, beautiful butterfly. Report
Very beautiful, poem and lady!
Awesome Report
A beautiful poem by a beautiful lady. I can see your smile. I hope you are feeling better (and better and better every day). Report
Loved your poem! Very inspirational. Report
One of the BEST Blogs I've read so far.
Thank You for your Inspiration...AND, Yes, Flying is Such Fun!!!!!!!!!!! Report
That was beautiful. We tend to see ourselves less than we truly are. We focus on the end goal so much we don't realize the changes already happening. Report
Beautiful poem Beth. You are truly a gorgeous butterfly inside and out. Report
Oh wow! Stunningly honest, insightful and inspiring. Thank you so much. Report
Sometimes I put my skinniest jeans (that fit) next to a pair of big baggy shorts that USED to fit (at my heaviest) - to remind myself that even though I have lbs left to lose, I still have lost a LOT! Report
Thanks the poem is very lovely and inspiring. Report
A beautiful poem from a beautiful person ... thank you Beth! Report
How Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! You are such an inspiration! Report
What an amazing poem. I definitely need to stop and think about what I see in my mirror. Will print this out for inspiration. Thanks. Report
I love your poem.
Others have not answered your question:
What do YOU see when you look at yourself? What do you like most about yourself?
I think it is easier for me to see what I don't like about myself than what I do. Your poem has helped me to see that I need to change that. What do I like? My chin which I got from my father, my eyes, the fact that I don't NEED to wear makeup to feel good about myself. I, like one of the other commenters want to print this out and put in my SP notebook. Thanks. Report
Awesome! Report
Beautiful and Inspiring! Thank you for sharing! Report
so beautiful and so amazing true. What a talent you are to put in rhyme what we all have probably felt or are feeling right now. Thank you for sharing this gift with us. Report
This was really nice...thank you for sharing!!! I need to really evaluate what I see in the mirror! I haven't really taken the time to truly think about it....fear? Report
Beth, such good insight! You're an inspiration to us all. Report
Now that more of the real you is coming out to play, I have a question for you--If there was a movie of the week of your weight loss journey, who (which actress) would you want to play you in the story? Report
Thank you, Beth Report
That is an awesome poem. It Is very encouraging. Thank you! Report
that was so awesome...thank you :) Report
Absolutely amazing! I love it! Thank you so much for sharing! (: Report
AWESOME, Beth!!! Thank you for sharing. Report
That was beautiful and so true. Thank you! Report
Great and very inspirational Report
I'm going to print it out and frame it. Report
Thank you for sharing! Needed that reminder :) Report
Loved this. Thanks for sharing! Report
Beautiful! As always you inspire us to keep on sparking! Report
You are indeed a beautiful woman. I especially love the part about stained glass wings. Thanks so much for sharing. Report
Beautiful. Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing. :) Report
Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing. :) Report
Beautiful!! Thank you!! Report
This is a wonderful poem. So inspiring. Thanks so much. Report
Beautiful poem, thank you for sharing :) Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing! Report
Wonderful poem. Report
this was very inspiring...and you are a very beautiful woman....never for get it! Report
This is absolutely beautiful.. as you are too..

Thank you so much for sharing.. Report
This is lovely. Report
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