8 Healthy and Delicious Asparagus Recipes


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Last year we shared 12 savory asparagus recipes with you. If you are looking for more ways to prepare asparagus, then look no further! We've rounded up more healthy asparagus recipes for you to try.

Roasted Asparagus with Garlic

Broiled Asparagus

Asparagus Salad with Lemon Soy Vinaigrette

Broccoli, Asparagus, and Spinach Casserole

Asparagus Grilled with Garlic, Rosemary, and Lemon

Roasted Balsamic Asparagus

Chicken Asparagus Frittata Cups

Asparagus Soup (Low Sodium)

You can also click here for many more asparagus recipes.

Which of these asparagus recipes will you be trying? Do you have other favorite asparagus recipes?

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  • YMWONG22
    I enjoy asparagus. Thanks for the delicious recipes. - 3/19/2017   10:03:32 AM
  • 28
    yum love asparagus - 3/15/2017   5:20:50 PM
  • 27
    I have never eaten asparagus but I think I will have to try it. - 3/9/2013   9:37:10 PM
  • 26
    Bought asparagus today. Try putting the raw, thin spears on your vegetable platter and serve with your favorite dip., - 5/1/2011   7:25:39 PM
  • 25
    I love asparagus. My favorite way: salt, pepper, a drizzle of olive oil and stuck under the broiler for just a couple of minutes. - 4/21/2011   8:22:36 PM
    Asparagus Salad with Lemon soy vinaigrette! Never thought about using asparagus as a salad food....
    LOVE IT - 4/8/2011   12:00:29 PM
  • 23
    Chicken Asparagus frittata is my choice, Thanks - 4/8/2011   8:44:13 AM
  • 22
    Asparagus grilled in a dry fry pan, until browned around the edges - YUM! - 4/7/2011   5:30:11 PM
  • 21
    I am addicted to the Roasted Balsamic Asparagus! It has a light fresh flavor and even my 22 month old will eat it! - 4/7/2011   4:09:54 PM
  • 20
    Hubby and I are both fans of Asparagus. We typically eat it roasted, steamed or marinated! Since it is currently in season these recipes are perfectly timed! Will be trying several of these recipes and post reviews afterwards. - 4/7/2011   2:14:03 PM
    I will be trying the Grilled Asparagus and the Chicken & Asparagus Frittata Cups. I usually toss asparagus with a little olive oil,parmesan,pepper flakes and roast.

    - 4/7/2011   12:25:04 PM
  • 18
    Urine smells different after eating asparagus because, in the process of digestion, a metabolite is produced. It is the metabolite that causes the distinctive smell of the urine. Simply put, a metabolite is a compound your body produces as it breaks down a food. The smell is normal, if a bit unpleasant. - 4/7/2011   10:42:27 AM
    Yum yum. Love asparagus and eat it as often as possible and in many ways when it's in season and cheap. Like the recipes given as well; we do variations of most of these. My hubby used to wok asparagus and chicken together with a little sesame oil and spices and serve with rice. - 4/7/2011   10:11:30 AM
  • 16
    I agree with LILFATGIRL28358. I certainly like to know why is that the urine smells so, bad after eating asparagus. - 4/7/2011   9:26:11 AM
  • 15
    I love asparagus and can't wait to try some of these. I usually just steam the fresh stalks and spritz it with a bit of "I Can't Believe it's Not Butter" and sprinkle with some grated parmesan cheese or steam it and add it to some herbed brown rice. Will be nice to have some new things to try!!! - 4/7/2011   9:06:03 AM
  • 14
    Plain works just fine for me - 4/7/2011   8:05:57 AM
    yum yum - 4/7/2011   7:29:48 AM
  • 12
    I will definitely try the fritattas. They sound delicious and easy. - 4/7/2011   7:26:12 AM
  • 11
    Thank You! Been looking for new ways to play with it!! - 4/7/2011   6:39:36 AM
    can't wait to try some of those. Thanks. - 4/7/2011   6:37:10 AM
  • 9
    Mmmm I LOVE asparagus! I printed a bunch of recipes and can't wait to make them!! - 4/7/2011   4:42:39 AM
    I love asparagus but asparagus pee is awful. For real. Not trying to be vulgur. - 4/7/2011   2:58:17 AM
  • 7
    None, asparagus is to expensive for my family. I never buy it.
    I laugh because when I was growing up on our farm, we had two bushes where my mother cut off fresh asparagus and I ate so much of it that I certainly don't miss it now. She called it a "weed." - 4/7/2011   12:39:53 AM
  • 6
    The casserole sounds yummie and SO full of veggies! - 4/6/2011   11:17:22 PM
    Tonight I made a simple and delicious asparagus recipes; poached egg on roasted asparagus with balsamic reduction (1/4 cup balsamic vinegar, 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar, 1 tsp brown sugar). You can see more here: www.nomorecounting.blogspot.com - 4/6/2011   10:05:39 PM
  • 4
    I have an asparagus bed & can't wait until it comes up, that should be around Mothers day, I have a lot of recipes for asparagus but i am saving this article to my favorites so I can make some of these recipes - 4/6/2011   6:16:35 PM
  • 3
    Wow love my veggies, can't wait to try the Roasted Asparugus with Garlic - 4/6/2011   5:04:19 PM
  • 2
    Mmmm! I love asparagus when it's grilled or broiled, so these are great! I can't wait to try the roasted balsamic asparagus. - 4/6/2011   4:53:22 PM
  • 1
    Perfect timing. I just got some aspargus on sale! I'll start with the Roasted w/garlic. - 4/6/2011   3:51:38 PM

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