75 Habits for a Healthier Life


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We scoured every issue of Woman's Day since 1937 for our best health information. Here, our favorite (and easiest) live-longer tips.

Eat Healthy

Check out 15 of our best tips and tricks for healthy eating, which—if you know how to do it—can taste just as good as it makes you feel.

February 1998


Frozen vegetables can be just as nutritious as fresh because they’re processed at their peak time.


June 2004


Choose dark chocolate—it has more antioxidants than milk chocolate.

November 2011


Not a fan of whole-wheat bread? Try white whole-wheat, which is made with a type of wheat that’s softer and has a milder taste.

February 2003


Get your family to eat more veggies by serving salsa. It’s loaded with corn, peppers and tomatoes.

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    • 13
      Thanks we use frozen vegetables We live in Maine andwe know our produce is days ols so it just makes sense to do it. Noew I see it written I can convince more people to use them. I also feed our grandkids white wheat bread and I bake with it too. Thanks again. - 1/9/2012   9:49:05 PM
    • 12
      Thanks for the infor. I enjoyed reading the article. - 1/9/2012   9:39:56 PM
    • 11
      good info. thanks! - 1/9/2012   9:05:16 PM
    • 10
      Apparently the rest of the article is where you click the LINK for more advice. - 1/9/2012   4:21:11 PM
    • SFOSTER86
      Salsa is a good way to sneak in veggies as well as some fruits. I have children and thankfully they love salsa but for kids that are not big fans it would be good to add in some fruits such as mangos, pineapple or peaches. - 1/9/2012   2:53:19 PM
      I agree with the others...where was the rest of the article? - 1/9/2012   1:49:15 PM
    • MERCY0507
      Awesome article! I definitely follow the salsa advice. It tastes wonderful and it's very healthy! - 1/9/2012   1:23:15 PM
    • 6
      That link is really screwed up. Why did you link to an RSS feed? - 1/9/2012   12:14:37 PM
    • 5
      I agree with THECRAZYMANGO, where are the rest of the habits? I liked the first part of this article though. - 1/9/2012   11:35:41 AM
    • 4
      Where are the 75 tips? I see like 5. I followed the link and I saw more research to do than an article to read. - 1/9/2012   10:52:03 AM
    • 3
      Good article to start, but I disagree with frozen vegetables. You lose a substantial amount of enzymes & nutrients when you cook foods above 104 degrees F, so while there are *some* nutrients there, not all of them are. It's a lot better to obtain your peas fresh instead of frozen or from a can. Then again, getting on the right start to eating vegetables in general is a big step for anybody! :) - 1/9/2012   10:35:45 AM
    • 2
      Nice idea about the salsa, also in your blog asbout eating soup more often.I´m always open to suggestions about vegetable eating increase - 1/9/2012   9:31:19 AM
    • 1
      Good article. Thank you. - 1/9/2012   6:29:21 AM

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