Stay Healthy While Planning Your Wedding

Congratulations! You’re getting married! This is to be the most blissful event of your life. Every decision, from the flowers to the favors, is in your newly banded hand! For some, this may be just a few months of extra phone calls, no sweat! For others, it can be overwhelming, and not at all what they expected. From setting the date to saying "I DO" here are a few tips (and SparkPeople tools) to help you get through the planning process!

Planning a wedding takes much thought, preparation, and a lot of extra time to get everything done exactly the way you want it. But if you're like most brides, you still have a life to tend to—your career, family and friends, maybe even finishing school. Delegate some simpler tasks to your family, friends, and wedding party.

Ask them to call different reception halls or caterers to book some appointments. They can even browse the Internet for you, picking out color schemes, floral arrangements, bridesmaids dresses, etc. Just make sure you give them clear direction of the themes you may be looking into, or send them a few swatches and let them go! The more people you turn to, the more creative ideas you’ll come up with to make your day extra special!

True, it’s the oldest trick in the book—but with good reason. Elevating your heart three to five times a week improves your health all around! From having more energy and increased stamina, to better concentration, this classic trick will help reduce the stress of having to choose between chicken and fish for your friends and family to chow on during your big night.
Aside from these benefits, you’ll look good to! Your newly toned body will be a perfect fit in that perfect dress, and all your hard work will put a smile on your face!

Check out SparkPeople’s 10 Minute and 30 Minute Workouts to help you squeeze in exercise when you’re short on time.

Eat right
We’ve all heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. While you may not eat an apple everyday, getting a daily dose of fruits and vegetables, among other important nutrients, will do your body good! Choose foods that are rich in protein (chicken, fish, peanut butter) and water (watermelon, grapes, and even soups) to nourish your hard-working muscles, and stave off hunger for those long days of driving to different venues.

Keep healthy snacks handy. Pack a trail mix, dry cereal, granola, energy bar, or small yogurt. And of course, apples are easy to carry too! Whatever your tastes, just make sure you’re not skipping meals. Studies show that skipping meals leads to a crash in blood sugar levels, making you crave sweets, leading to overeating later on.

For more healthy eating and snack ideas, browse through the Nutrition Resource Center.

Rest is best
Getting a good night’s sleep has its obvious benefits—more energy throughout the day, and reduced stress levels. But if your mind is working overtime from all the planning, sleep may not come so easy. Try taking a few minutes before bedtime to stretch. Stretching is relaxing. Count slowly and take deep breaths; this will help you relax and fall asleep faster.

Still can’t catch some Z’s? Avoid watching the clock, which can sometimes frustrate you more, and try turning the temperature down in your room. Recent studies show that colder atmospheres make nuzzling in your covers a more comfortable way to sleep. If you still can’t sleep, call your doctor—you may have a sleep disorder that she can help treat.

Don’t get so wrapped up in the details of planning your wedding that you neglect the joy of the event. Treat yourself! Take yoga with your girlfriends, go out to brunch, or soak in a bubble bath. Go for a relaxing round of golf with your dad! He is probably limited in what he can help you plan, and you know he’d really enjoy the quality company of his "little girl" before he gives her away.

Don’t neglect your fiancé either. Keep your joy of each other fresh by spending quality time together, and make sure you leave an open communication line. If he isn’t involved with the planning, he may not know what you’re feeling. Ask him to help make phone calls or invite him to visit reception halls with you. Chances are, he’ll jump right in if you lead him in the right direction. And last but not least, leave plenty of room for romance! Hey, it’s why you fell in love with him in the first place, right?

Utilize SparkPeople's Tools
SparkPeople  has some great tools that will help you organize your wedding plans, reduce stress, look great on your special day, and connect with other brides and grooms to-be. 

Once you've picked out that perfect dress, use our Wedding Dress Workouts to tone up the areas that your particular dress emphasizes.  Each dress workout features 3-4 toning exercises, designed by SparkPeople's personal trainers.

Use the ”Other Goals” section of your SparkPeople account try set some wedding-related goals. This section will take you through a goal-setting process that will help you follow-through with success. By recording your wedding goals, creating specific action steps, and tracking your progress on the site, you’ll stay organized and accomplish much more.

Your SparkPeople Planner is a great place to keep track of your wedding plans, meetings, and appointments. (Don’t forget to set-up the email reminder when you create a new event.)

If you haven’t set-up a SparkPeople account yet, you’re missing out on a customized, easy-to-follow diet and exercise plan that will help you lose those extra pounds the healthy way. Our program gives you the tools you need to safely lose up to two pounds per week—just think of how great you’ll look on the big day, as a fitter, healthier you! Start your program today!

SparkPeople’s message boards will help you connect with other members who are preparing for weddings. Whether you want to discuss wedding plans, workout tips, or just meet others who are going through similar experiences, our “Brides and Grooms To-Be” forum is a place just for you!