10 More Tips for Your Wellness Journey

Looking for more ways to become a healthier you? Here are 10 great ideas you can use any day, every day.

1. Drink a glass of water. Water is an essential nutrient for life. But beyond that, you just plain feel better when you’re well-hydrated. More energy, brighter eyes, healthy skin and a decreased chance of headaches are just a few of the benefits you’ll glean from drinking up!

2. Go for a walk. There’s nothing like a nice, brisk walk to relieve stress, give you a boost of energy and get the brain cells working again!

3. Call a friend. Do you have a friend who you know is going through some tough times? Why not zip off a quick note or give her a call and offer encouragement to her. She won’t be the only one who feels better!

4. Journal. Keeping a diary or journal has been shown to be a stress reliever. Seeing a quandary on paper can also help you uncover concrete solutions to it. Take a moment to write down a problem you’ve been encountering and get ready to resolve it!

5. Soak your feet. Your feet literally carry you throughout your day. Do something kind for them. Kick your shoes off and give them a good rub down. If you can, take a few minutes to soak them. Cover the bottom of a basin with marbles, fill the basin with warm water and sprinkle in some Epsom salts and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. While soaking, glide your feet over the marbles for a mini-massage. After you’ve soaked your feet, slather on a rich re-hydrating cream.

6. Send a thank you note. Has someone done something nice for you and you have yet to really thank her? No time like the present! Send a nice thank you note now!

7. Eat a snack. If you find your energy waning between meals, eat a small, healthy snack to boost your brain back into action. Combining a whole grain, fruit, or vegetable with a protein: nuts, nut butters, low-fat dairy products, seeds, soy products, lean meats, fish, or poultry will give you a sustained energy boost to get you to your next meal.

8. Chew a stick of sugar-free gum. There’s nothing like a clean, fresh mouth to make you feel refreshed all over. But when you can’t get to your toothbrush and floss, chew on a piece of sugar-free gum instead to give your mouth and body an invigorating zing.

9. Organize your space. Whether it’s at the office or at home, clutter can make you feel sick – literally. Get rid of what you don’t need and organize what’s left. Take a few minutes right now to clean up your space.

10. Take "five." Allowing your body to run on a constant adrenaline rush, which happens when you’re in continual stressed-out mode, wreaks havoc on the body. Take several breaks throughout your day to simply breathe, pray, or whatever it takes to bring your body down to neutral.