Your Hour-by-Hour Guide to Workplace Wellness

Staying healthy at work can sometimes seem like a job in and of itself. With so many tasks, people and pressures competing for your attention, it’s easy for your own wellness to slide to the bottom of the priority list.

The key is to make healthy behaviors part of your regular routine. Just as you schedule meetings, phone calls and projects throughout the day, consider adding smart choices to your calendar for each waking hour.

Of course, no two workdays are exactly alike, but this general guideline can serve as a starting point. Use it as-is or create your own timetable for health based on your schedule, needs and goals. And, of course, most of these actions can and should be repeated throughout the day.


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Member Comments

Greater reminders to keep a healthy focus at work. Report
Great idea! Report
Good ideas. Do most Report
I do drink a lot of water, but I usually add ground ginger, a capful of mint extract, and a capful of lemon juice Report
Thanks a good article Report
I fill a reusable water bottle the night before and the first thing I do in the morning is grab that and make sure it is empty before I leave the house. I don't let myself have coffee until that first bottle is gone. It has lead me to drink more water throughout the day instead of just refilling my coffee cup. Report
Now we need an article on how to deal with the work day when the sadistic boss has work demanding to be done regardless of "end of day" - for Salaried people, that might be a week of 60-70-80 hours. Frequently we go meet my husband in town for dinner at a restaurant nearby, so he can take a little break and then get back to work. Not uncommon for him to work from 8:30 am to 12-1-2 am the next day. So it's stressful on the entire family (and stress causes cancer....which I'm struggling with... so.... hmmmm.). Report
Great article but hard to put in practice. Report
Thanks Report
I am actually trying to break my addiction to snacking Report
Great info Report
Thank you Report
Thank you Report
Thanks Report
This is goof information to make us more mindful, SparkFriend. It's all in priorities and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. If you get sick ,someone would be there to do that work for you. Believe that! Report


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