25+ Short Mindfulness Practices for Your Sanity

Whether it's an overbooked calendar, a demanding boss, financial worries or emotional health concerns--there's a mindfulness practice for that. No matter the source of your stress, if you struggle to handle it, it can wreak havoc on your productivity, physical and mental health, and happiness. If you are someone who deals with overwhelming stress or high levels of anxiety, learning to harness the power of your brain can help you increase happiness. 

With a regular mindfulness, you can improve your mental fortitude and find balance. Before you accept unpleasant feelings that get in the way of your life, why not embrace a breath and body connection and see how it can change your outlook? These short mindfulness practices cover a range of topics and offer a range of options that will fit every lifestyle and every personality. 

  1. Honesty and Radical Truth-Telling
  2. It's Not Fair
  3. Caring and Interconnection
  4. Focus on the Mountain
  5. Negativity Bias
  6. Growth Mindset
  7. Fixed Mindset
  8. Can You Stay Present?
  9. Practice Self-Compassion
  10. Holidays Can Be Crazy
  11. Procrastination
  12. Respond, Don't React
  13. Begin Again
  14. Mindful Communication
  15. Four Attitudes of a Successful Practice
  16. Winter Warming Practice
  17. Advanced Mindfulness Practice
  18. A Body Scan
  19. A Practice In Focus
  20. Gaining Concentration
  21. A Case of the "Shoulds"
  22. Progressive Body Scan
  23. Using Mindfulness to Manage Stress
  24. Happiness: A Gratitude Practice
  25. Accessing the 5 Senses
  26. Notice, Shift, Rewire
  27. Mindfulness Is...