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Eating Healthy at Red Lobster

From SparkPeople’s Editors

Red Lobster boasts a menu full of lean protein from under the sea. However, the fish, shellfish and seafood here is often batter-dipped and covered in sauces. Luckily there are plenty of grilled and light options, if you know where to look.

  • Choose dishes from the Lighthouse Menu, which are touted as "smart meal choices" that are also delicious.

  • Opt for wood-grilled, broiled or steamed fish or seafood. The restaurant has a fresh fish list that changes daily. Choose the half portion of the fish or share your entree with a friend.

  • Go for the lobster or crab legs, but skip the butter. Dunk yours in cocktail sauce (unless you're watching your sodium intake) or squeeze on fresh lemon wedges.

  • The best sides include the side salad with light or fat-free dressing, rice pilaf, fresh broccoli or asparagus. Sauces such as pico de gallo, cocktail sauce or balsamic vinaigrette are also light choices.

  • Skip anything served in a garlic-butter sauce, fried, or covered in cheese sauce.

  • Start your meal with oysters or a shrimp cocktail.

  • Those cheddar-garlic biscuits have 150 calories and 8 g of fat each. Have just one, and skip the butter; they're already buttery and salty on their own.

  • Red Lobster provides nutritional information on its website.

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