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Eating Healthy at Ruby Tuesday

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Most Ruby Tuesday restaurants feature a large salad bar, but unfortunately, it contains many high-calorie items. In general, fat and calories are lurking in unexpected places here, so be specific about order requests and alterations to ensure a healthful meal. If you're watching your sodium, exercise caution. Their online nutrition information doesn't include sodium; assume all foods are high in sodium.

  • Like at most chains, the salads here are high in fat and calories. The Club House Salad has 840 calories and 53 g of fat--without dressing. Try the Smart Eating Grilled Chicken Salad (489 calories, 28 g fat) instead. While it is still on the high side, it has about half the calories and fat of the other salads. Light Ranch Dressing is one of your best dressings, but request it on the side.

  • Most of the sandwiches have more than 800 calories and 54 g of fat; several have as many as 1,300 calories and 90 g of fat. Lighten yours up a little by asking for a dry bun, as Ruby Tuesday butters all buns.

  • Select a wrap instead of a burger to save half the calories and fat. The Smart Eating Turkey Burger Wrap (551 calories, 19 g fat) and Smart Eating Grilled Chicken Wrap (436 calories, 17 g fat) are better options.

  • Dinner selections can be quite high in calories and fat, too. Selecting items a la carte saves calories, but not money. Remember to avoid the fried entree options, and ask for sauces or gravies to be left off or served on the side.

  • There are many healthy side items, such as green beans, brown rice pilaf, a plain baked potato, steamed broccoli, and mashed cauliflower.

  • Soup can be a filling, lower calorie meal, so be sure to check on the soup of the day. One of the better choices is the White Bean Chicken Chili (318 calories, 11 g fat, 11 g fiber).

  • Look for menu items marked "Smart Eating" to save calories and fat.

  • Seafood and chicken provide lean protein, but avoid fried varieties, gravies and sauces. Some of the better choices include the Smart Eating Creole Catch (320 calories, 16 g fat), Smart Eating New Orleans Seafood (443 calories, 25 g fat), Smart Eating Grilled Salmon (365 calories, 23 g fat), Smart Eating Chicken Bella (387 calories, 17 g fat), and Smart Eating Grilled Chicken (387 calories, 17 g fat).

  • If you're craving steak, choose the Smart Eating Petite Sirloin (206 calories, 5 g fat) or the Smart Eating Top Sirloin (256 calories, 6 g fat).

  • Ruby Tuesday has limited nutritional information on its website.

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