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15 Surprising Sources of Added Sugar

15 Surprising Sources of Added Sugar

Written by Lauri Watson, SparkPeople Contributor

Sugar (in many forms) may be hiding in a lot of your favorite foods without you even realizing it. Of course it's in candies, cookies, and cakes, but there are also many "hidden sugars'' added to condiments, drinks, "healthy" snacks foods, and many other surprising items you might eat every day. Here are 15 of the top ''added'' sugar offenders.
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Coleslaw: 3.5 teaspoons (14 grams) of added sugar in 1 cup

Coleslaw can vary widely in its added sugar content, depending on the ingredients used to make this popular cookout side dish. Some recipes actually call for adding up to one full cup of sugar. To keep your sugar and vegetables separate, avoid the pre-made coleslaw from restaurants and grocery stores and make your own. Try substituting nonfat plain Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise (to cut fat and boost protein), and use a couple tablespoons of red wine instead of sugar. Add a little lemon juice, garlic, and/or Dijon mustard for added flavor.