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10 Easy Ways to Go Green

Green Light

Going green needn't require a lot of time, energy or money on your part. You actually can save a bit of money and conserve our natural resources by starting with these small changes.

Change your traditional light bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs. Though they cost a bit more up front than traditional bulbs, they last longer and are more energy efficient, thus saving you money in the long run. Each bulb can save you approximately $30 over the course of its lifetime and saves 2,000 times its weight in greenhouse gases.
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Stop junk mail!

Junk mail just adds more waste to our landfills. Register for a "mail preference system" and decrease your mail by up to 75%. (Cancel a couple of magazine subscriptions, and you'll also save $40 a year, too!) When stores ask for your telephone number, don't give it to them. They use your number to find your address—and send you junk mail!

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