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Laugh Your Abs Sore With These 12 Fitness Items

Add a Sense of Humor to Your Next Sweat

By: Alicia Capetillo

Wake up, yoga stretches, avocado toast, work, coffee, meeting, more coffee, baked chicken with Brussels sprouts, hour cardio session, healthy dinner, sleep, repeat. Sometimes, healthy living can feel, well, a little monotonous. In those moments when you're struggling to lace up your sneakers for yet another sweat session, your eyes are wide open and searching for some kind of inspiration to boost your energy levels and get you pumped for the Burpees, downward dogs or crunches that lie ahead. In those moments, fun fitness gear might be just what you need to get your booty moving.

For the uninspired, these 12 pieces of clever, cute and downright hilarious gear might just be the ticket to success. After all, if laughter is the best medicine, it might just be the best motivator, too!
Start Slideshow ''After This We're Getting Pizza'' Water Bottle

For some people, their old jeans from high school are their motivator. For others, it's their kids. For many, it's pizza. Carry your motivation with you to class with this water bottle featuring a helpful reminder that afterward, we pizza. And speaking of pizza...

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