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Coach Dean's Motivational Quotes

Look on the Bright Side

Remember, the only thing in your life that you have complete control over is your own attitude. You alone are responsible for making yourself happy. Do not depend on others to keep you smiling and positive. Choose to be optimistic and avoid complaining, especially when the things you are complaining about can’t be changed.
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Fulfill Your Dreams

Do you know someone who feels "stuck" in her job? Nine times out of 10, the main reason she feels that way is money. Money is supposed to be liberating—and it can be. It provides options and opportunities. But if you give it too much power or depend too highly on it, money can control and limit you. In other words, it works great as a benefit, but pretty poorly as a top priority. Can you reshuffle some of the priorities in your life so your dreams fulfill you in a way that money never could? Find a goal that gives you the energy to get up in the morning and makes the world seem more colorful. What have you got to lose? If the money comes, great. If not, you’re still getting what you really need out of life.