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POSTPARTUM VIDEO: Intro to Pilates

7 Principles for a Safe and Effective Workout

NOTE: This exercise routine is intended for use before and after pregnancy. Postpartum women need clearance from a health-care provider before starting a workout regimen.

For more information on regaining strength in the abdominals after pregnancy, read Post-Pregnancy Core Rebuilding.

In this short video, Coach Nicole from SparkPeople explains 7 principles that will prevent you from making some common mistakes so that you can get the most out of your Pilates workouts. 

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To play the video, simply click on the Play button (bottom left corner) to start. Below the video screen, you'll find buttons for Pause, Stop, and volume control. If you have a slower internet connection, click play, wait a few seconds, then click pause. Wait until the video downloads (the red bar will move left to right) before playing.

If you are recovering from a cesarean section make sure your incision is fully healed and your doctor has given you the go-ahead to get started with abdominal strengthening exercises before using this video. When you do get started with these exercises, take frequent breaks, and go at a pace that feels comfortable. Don't force any exercises or push to the point of discomfort. It will take time for your body to build or regain strength, so slow, careful progression will help you build muscles without injury.

If you experience any discomfort or pain while doing any of these exercises try modifying the movement by slowing down the pace and shortening the length of movement, or stop and rest at more frequent intervals. If modifying the exercise doesn't reduce discomfort, then discontinue that exercise.

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Nicole Nichols
Nicole earned her bachelor's degree in health promotion and education, specializing in exercise and fitness, from the University of Cincinnati. She maintains several fitness certifications, including prenatal and postpartum exercise design.
Nicole Nichols

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