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VIDEO: Pregnancy Stretching Workout

Full Body Stretches Target Your Tight Muscles

Stay flexible during pregnancy with BabyFit's prenatal stretching routine, which focuses on the muscles that are tightest during pregnancy: your chest, shoulders, hips, hamstrings and back. BabyFit's prenatal fitness specialists demonstrate a plan that's suitable for all trimesters of pregnancy. Catherine Cram, author of "Fit Pregnancy for Dummies" and one of BabyFit's Resident Maternal Fitness Experts, approved these videos and their content.

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About This Workout

Length: 6 1/2 minutes

Equipment: Mat and chair

Type of Workout: Flexibility

Muscles Worked: Shoulders, chest, back, triceps, neck, hamstrings, hips, and glutes

Fitness Level: Beginning to advanced; all stages of pregnancy and postnatal.

Impact: No impact

Safety Precautions: Get clearance from your doctor or a health care professional before beginning any exercise program. These exercises are considered suitable for all three trimesters of pregnancy and postpartum, as long as you have clearance from your doctor.

Viewing Tips
  • You can pause or rewind the video at any time if you need a break or need to watch for closer instructions. We suggest watching the video one time through before attempting the workout.
  • This workout will take you through one set (8-15 repetitions) of each exercise. If you want to do more sets, simply replay the video until you finish 2-3 sets. You can also break up these sets into multiple, short workouts throughout your day, provided that you warm-up each time.
  • This video does not include music, but you can play a stereo or CD in the background as you workout. Just make sure you can still hear the instructions.
  • To play the video, simply click on the Play button (bottom left corner) to start.  Below the video screen, you'll find buttons for Pause, Stop, and volume control. 
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