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Changes to BabyPoints Leaderboards

Now More in Depth!

Already helping your city, state, or country become the most active group in the Healthy Mom Challenge by being involved in the BabyPoints leaderboards?  Now you can see how you're doing compared to other people in your area!  Here are some of the new features available to you:

Local Leaders:

You can now click any city, state, or country in the leaderboards and see the list of usernames contributing to that location.  You can add yourself to the locations of your choice by going to the BabyPoints Settings page.  Note that if you already updated your setting to have your minutes go to a city, state, or country, you'll now be listed individually on that leaderboard as well.

Support for More U.S. cities:

We now show all the metropolitan areas in the United States.  This gives you a list of over 360 cities from which to choose.

Opt Out of Individual Leaderboards:

Remember, if you don't want your username showing up on the BabyPoints leaderboards, go to the BabyPoints Settings page and uncheck the "include me on BabyPoints individual leaderboards" checkbox.  NOTE: If you are not included in the individual leaderboards and keep your city, state, and country selections you will still be contributing your points to those locations, but your name will not appear in the rankings.

We hope you find the new leaderboards an added source of inspiration and fun as part of BabyFit's Healthy Mom Challenge.  Thank you for your support and participation!
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