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Bed Rest: An Expectant Mom's Survival Guide

Staying Healthy & Productive

  • Prepare for your baby by ordering baby gear and other essentials online. There is no reason you can't prepare for your latest arrival just because you are confined to the bed. You can conveniently shop for everything from diapers to cradles, compare prices, read product reviews, and even have an online baby shower!

  • Chat with other bed rest moms. Keep in touch with your loved ones while on bed rest, or make new friends. There are numerous online chat and support groups specifically for mothers on bed rest. Share your story, experiences and even complaints with other moms to help pass the time away.

  • Other tips that will help your transition go smoothly include:
    • Have handy supplies such as water, snacks and the remote nearby.
    • Prepare a list of things you might need for the week ahead of time.
    • Create a support group of friends, family, and neighbors to help you accomplish the household and everyday tasks that you are no longer able to complete.
    • Have a wide selection of books and magazines within easy reach.
    • Prepare a schedule for yourself so you have something to look forward to each day.
    • Take the time to brush your hair and change your clothes. You'll feel better about yourself and your baby.
  • Bed rest does not have to be a punishment. For most women it means the difference between a life-threatening and life-saving pregnancy. Focus on the positive - pay your dues now and you'll increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy and delivery. This is truly a case where the end justifies the means.

    For more information on bed rest:

    Days in Waiting: A Guide to Surviving Pregnancy Bed Rest, by Mary Ann McCann, PTR
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    thnaks for sharing Report
    I was on bed rest during my first pregnancy, and coloring books / crayons were my best friend! I also did lots of puzzle books.

    Love to those on bed rest...I know it can be grueling!! The little one is worth it though! ;) Report