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Bottle Feeding: How Much, How Often

Your Bottle Feeding Routine

As a general guide, your baby will drink about 3 ounces of formula plus their age in months every three to four hours. Use the following chart as a guide:

Age Amount of formula in ounces Number of feedings each day Total amount of formula per day in ounces
Birth to 3 weeks 2-4 Every 2-3 hours 16-24
3 weeks to 2 months 4-6 Every 3-4 hours 21-24
2 to 6 months 5-8 Every 3-4 hours 24-32
6 to 9 months 6-9 Every 4 hours 24-32
9 to 12 months 7-9 Every 4-6 hours 28-32
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