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BabyFit Moms Share Their Love Letters

This Valentine's Day, Read These Heart-Felt Messages

BabyFit Moms Share Their Love Letters Back in February, BabyFit asked moms to write love letters to their Valentines as part of the monthly blog challenge. The stories were so moving we wanted to share them with you, and we thought there was no better time to publish them than Mother's Day!

Enjoy your day, Moms, and these touching stories!

A Letter For Baby Connor

Dear Connor,
Wow, where to begin? How about with your adorable dimple on your left cheek? It comes with the cutest smile I have ever seen. A smile that just melts Mommy and Daddy's hearts. When you smile your eyes sparkle and it brightens the entire room. It is infectious. Your skin is so soft and cuddly we just want to hug you 24 hours a day. Although you have only been with us for 2 months now (and in my belly for 41 1/2 weeks) I can't remember what it was like without you here. It seems you have been a part of our family long before your physical being. Sounds silly but it's true. We love you so much and look forward to a lifetime of wonderful adventures with you. You have been cooing and practicing new sounds so much lately, it amuses us all endlessly. I can't wait until we also get to hear you giggle and laugh, and when you will be telling us stories with all the words you are going to learn. Although I can't wait for these things to happen, I also don't want time to go too quickly. I want to savor every special moment. Thank You for being such a special baby and a beautiful soul, and thank you for choosing us to be your Mommy and Daddy.
Connor, Happy Valentines, We Love You xoxo

Valentine Love Letter to My Girls, February 2009
To My Sweet Little Girls, Tori and Ava,
Tori, when I first found out I was pregnant with you I was very scared and unsure, but over time as I felt you growing inside of me I came to love you in a way only a mother can describe. I could not wait for the day you would be born to finally get the chance to meet you. When that day arrived, there were such bittersweet feelings because I had finally met this wonderful little life I had come to love, but at the same time I felt that I had already let you down as a mother because you were not a perfect baby.

Your father and I went through many trying times dealing with the cleft lip, the hardest being the day you were taken back into the surgery room at four months old. Even now we are dealing with issues from the surgery and its effects on you, and it can be hard at times, wishing you never had to go through any of it. But at the same time, there are so many things that we have come to appreciate that I know parents of a child who was born perfect will take for granted. I really have learned how precious you are and there are no words to describe the love your father and I feel for you. You are our sweet little girl and nothing will ever change the feelings we have for you.

Ava, your father and I are very excited to soon be able to meet you and get to know you. We spend time each night feeling you move around inside of me, and hope that you know and can feel the love we already have for you. Your sister Tori is still a little young to understand everything that is going on with you, but we know that once you are born she will love you. Once you are born, perfect baby or not, you will know more love than you could ever imagine.

Our girls, one day when you have a child/children of your own you will finally understand and come to know the love parents have for their children. There are no words or gestures that can possibly describe this love to you until then.

With all my love,

A Valentine for Kyler
To my handsome baby boy,
Just when I thought things couldn't get any better, you came into my life. God knew that I needed a precious baby boy to complete my beautiful family, so he gave me you. I never imagined I could love a second child as much as my first, but you have shown me just how wrong I was. I never knew how much love my heart could hold until I saw your sweet face. I am so blessed to have you in my life.

To prove my love to you I promise these things:
- I'll cuddle you for as long as you'll let me.
- I'll do everything I can to make you happy.
- I'll make goofy faces just to hear you giggle.
- I'll play games that I don't enjoy just to see your beautiful smile.
- I'll *pretend* to be excited about the frogs and bugs that I'm sure you'll give me as gifts.
- I'll be the first person in the stands to cheer you on no matter what you are doing.
- I'll TRY to take it easy on all of your girlfriends.
- I'll always be there for you so that you can come to me with any problems you may have.
- I'll never take a minute of the time we share for granted.
Whatever happens in our lives, just know that I love you. Words can't express just how much you mean to me. Through the good times and the bad, nothing will come before you and your sister. You hold a very special place in my heart and NOTHING will change that.

With all of my love,

A Valentine for Kaylynn
To my sweet baby girl,
You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I never knew how much love my heart could hold until I heard you call me mommy. From the moment I laid eyes on your beautiful face, I knew I was in love. The love I feel for you is beyond anything I could have ever imagined I'd feel.

When I see you smile, my heart melts.
When you cry, my heart breaks.
When you wrap you tiny arms around me, it's like a hug from an angel.
When I hear your voice, it is music to my ears.
Never have I been more in love. My heart bursts with joy just knowing that we have a lifetime of memories to share with one another. You truly are my sunshine! I love you with all my heart.

To My Sweetheart On Valentine's Day

Dear Samantha,
Even though you are only two years old, you are my best friend. I knew from the moment I saw you that we were made for each other. I love your sense of humor and cherish the moments when we laugh together for several minutes about something silly. I pray that you carry your happy heart with you as you grow older and life begins to feel more complicated.

Even though you are only two years old, I am humbled by your wisdom and your ability to perceive the unseen. You seem to know when someone is struggling or when they are sad. May this discerning spirit follow you as you reach out to a hurting world.

Even though you are only two years old, it has been an honor to know you. I look forward to watching you grow and learning more about who you are. You have something great inside of you, sweet girl and you will without a doubt continue to touch hearts and lives as you continue along your journey.

Because you are here Samantha....the world will never be the same again.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Abigayle and Austin,
Today is a special day to celebrate Love - and there is nobody that Mommy and Daddy love more than you! From the very first day we learned that you would be joining our lives, we have loved you more and more each day.

Abigayle - I can't believe that you are almost 2 years old! This is your second Valentine's Day, and so much has changed since last year; which means even more things to love about you! I love the way you give me a big hug and kiss when you wake up in the morning, and when you go to bed at night. (And of course all the snuggles in between!). I love to hear your tiny voice as you are learning to talk. I love that you want to try so many new things by yourself, but I also love when you take me by the hand and ask for my help. I love to hear you sing your silly songs, and I love the way you dance. I love to see how much you love your little brother, and how you try your best to help me. I love to sit and read stories with you, and I love how you always ask for one more. And then another, and another... I love you from your bows to your toes - and every cute little bit in between! :)

Austin - This is your first Valentine's Day, I can't believe that 3 months have already flown by since you were born! It's so fun to see how much you grow, and change every day - I've seen how quickly your sister has grown, and I know that before long, you won't be my tiny little baby anymore! Until then, I'll cuddle you every chance that I get. I love to see your smiling face when you wake up every morning (I especially love that you are letting Mommy sleep through the night!). I love your goobery grins, and gurgly coo's when we have our little "chats" after you've eaten - I love the way you cuddle up to me when you're nursing, and how I sometimes see the corners of your mouth curl up in a little smile when you look up at me. I love your chubby cheeks, and your soft fluffy hair - especially the way it spikes up into a little mohawk - very stylish ;) I love the way you smell after your bath. I love to cuddle up with you for our quiet times, and I love to watch you sleep - I wonder what you are dreaming about?

I hope that both of you always know how much you are loved by everyone around you - you fill our lives with joy, and...Love!

Happy Valentine's Day my little Lovebugs!

Mare Bear's Valentine
Precious little Maren, you have always been in our hearts, even though you are only 15 weeks old. You are so loved in our family. And we can't imagine life any different than it is now.

Thank you for delighting Mommy, Daddy and Bryn with all the sweet and beautiful little baby moments you bring. You light up the room, especially when you break out into your crinkly-eyed grin. You make us want to dance with you when your legs start moving. And you capture us with your coos, sounds, and your almost giggle.

I am excited to follow you on your journey of growing up. I cannot wait to see what kind of person you will be; how you might be similar, and how you will be different, from your sister. I am even more excited to see how you and Bryn, as sisters, will grow together.

I cherish our moments together, especially at night when you cuddle close into my skin. Thank you for coming in our lives and completing our family. Maren you are a gift to us and I hope that we will be one to you too.

I love you, Mare Bear!

Happy Valentine's Day Emma

To my sweet little Valentine,
I am still amazed at how much you have changed my life. And now, I cannot imagine my life without you!

I love your snuggles
I love your smiles
I love your tinkly laughter
I love your joyful wiggles
I want to keep you like you are
And I want you to grow and change...all at the same time!
You have changed mine and daddy's lives forever oh precious Valentine
I look forward to the many years we will have together!

Happy Valentines Day!
I don't say this enough, but I LOVE YOU! I love you Alley, with your beautiful smile. I can't believe how big you are getting, it seems just like yesterday I was bringing you home from the hospital...can you believe it's been almost 11 years!! And Gunner, who could love you more? You are my only son and so much like your father. You are such a good big (and little) brother to all of your sisters. Grace, my little Grace. You always bring a smile to my face with your goofy antics and infectious laugh. You can brighten anyone's day with your smile. You love everyone and Jesus too! Addison, my littlest are growing by leaps and bounds each day. I love to hear you say "mama". Soon these days will be over and you will want to do things on your own without my help. I will cherish the days we have ahead. Baby number are still growing inside of me but I love you as much as the rest! You are my child and I can't wait for everyone to see you. Alley, Gunner, Grace and Addison are waiting so patiently for you. I know that God is weaving you together so perfectly and we will be so blessed when we welcome you into the world.


-- Happy Valentine's Day to my babies...
Yes, you will always be my babies! Robert, Alan, Tesa, Jay, Jared, Billy, and Zander... this Valentine's Day I want you to know how much you really mean to me.

Each of you changed my life! You made me a better person, a better mom. You have taught me to slow down and take things easy. You have never let me forget how to have fun or that age is only a number. You remind me daily that there is an appropriate time for immaturity!

If laughter is the best medicine, then you, my babies, are mommy's perfect doctor. Not a day goes by that you don't bring a smile to my face and laughter to my life.

You all have given me something better to live for, something bigger than myself. There are no sweeter words than "Mommy! I love you!"... whether you are 19 or 90, I will never tire of hearing those words.

Even as you grow older and struggle to learn who you are and where your place is, I hope you know that no matter what you always have a place in my heart. No matter how frustrated you get with me at times, no matter how often we bump heads on things, through it all one thing never changes and that's how much I not only love, but LIKE each and every one of you.

I sit here this Valentine's Day, realizing you are all a year older, a year wiser, and a year closer to starting your own lives. And this day, my hope for you is that you someday will know the true joy, the happiness that I am blessed to know because I was blessed to have all of you!

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!!!!
Love, Momma

Carlie's Valentine!
When I first found out I was pregnant with you I cried and then I was in shock! Then we went for our first ob appointment and we got to hear your sweet little heartbeat! Then the day we had you I knew I had fallen in love for life with the most beautiful little girl in the world! It's hard to believe that you are 4 months old already! I love to watch you play and sleep! You bring life to my heart, you truly are a gift from god! Mommy loves you so much! I look forward to teaching you how to ride horses and going trail riding with you when you get older! Happy 1st Valentine's Day Sweetie!!!!!

Love, Mommy

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