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Top 100 Cities for Healthy Pregnancies Methodology

The "How" of the Top 100

To determine the Healthiest Cities for Pregnancy rankings, compiled data from a variety of sources including The Centers for Disease Control, The National Women’s Health Indicators Database, The National Center for Health Statistics and other publicly available sources.

Several variables were aggregated when determining the final rankings including: access to prenatal care, healthy body mass index percentages, age of mother during pregnancy, regional stress levels, incidence of specific pregnancy complications (anemia, gestational diabetes, pregnancy related hypertension) and other important health indicators.

The variables considered were weighted by importance/impact by a team of experts including: a medical doctor (OB/GYN), a registered dietitian specializing in pregnancy, an exercise physiologist who specializes in pregnancy fitness and select members of The Childbirth Education Association. then created a proprietary algorhythym which generates a relative ranking of each region by weighed variable to choose the Top 100 Healthiest Cities for Pregnancy

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