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How to Alleviate Common Aliments

Despite all the joys motherhood brings, pregnancy itself can sometimes be challenging. Pregnant women the world over endure similar symptoms. Among the more common ailments include morning sickness, constipation, heartburn, and fatigue.

Because there are so few medications that can be taken safely during pregnancy, many moms-to-be turn to alternative remedies to ease their suffering. There are actually many natural cures available that can relieve even the most severe complaints.

Morning Sickness
Typically morning sickness only causes trouble the first trimester, but some unlucky moms experience nausea their entire pregnancy. What can you do?
  • Cut out excessively fatty and spicy foods.
  • Avoid strong odors such as coffee, meat and garlic.
  • Eat several small meals instead of three large ones.
  • Try acupressure; wear sea bands three-quarters of an inch down your wrist in between tendons.
  • Infuse bathwater with grapefruit, orange, mandarin or lime aromatherapy oils.
  • Try ginger. If you don't like the taste of it raw, try ginger tea or invest in some all natural ginger ale at your local health food store.
  • Take 1.9 mg (micrograms) of vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine). (Women require 1.6 mg of B-6 daily. However, daily intake of over 250 mg can lead to nerve damage. Pregnant women should not take more than 1.9 mg, and nursing moms should take no more than 2.0 due to harm that pyridoxine can have on the developing fetus. As a water-soluble vitamin, B-6 must be replenished each day. Any B-6 not used is eliminated in urine, thus new sources are always needed.)
Many of the remedies that work for morning sickness also work for heartburn. Heartburn is common during pregnancy because the hormones released in a woman's body soften the valve between the stomach and esophagus, allowing gastric acids to settle in the esophagus causing a burning sensation. Try these tips for reducing and preventing heartburn:
  • Eat smaller meals more often.
  • Avoid trigger foods including highly acidic, spicy and fatty foods.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing after eating which can worsen symptoms.
  • Chew fennel or sip an herbal tea with fennel in it which might reduce irritation.
Constipation can occur during pregnancy for a variety of reasons, such as hormonal changes and increased iron intake from prenatal vitamins. To reduce constipation:
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Include plenty of fibrous foods such as fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  • Also beneficial are time tested remedies such as eating prunes and other dried fruits.
  • Most importantly, be sure to drink lots of water. This will also help reduce bloating, another common side effect of pregnancy.
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