Put Some Personality into Your Diet

Are you a "Fast Fueler" and an "Adventure Seeker?" Or are you an "Independent Thinker" with some "Emotional Eater" tendencies?

Most people have no idea. But knowing the answer may give you an advantage over your weight loss goals that you didn’t have before. Whatever struggles or roadblocks you face, if you know your personality well, you’ll know how to react in a way that works.

SparkPeople has developed two quick and easy Personality Profiler quizzes that can come in handy when you need help the most:

Diet Personality Profiler

Fitness Personality Profiler

The path to weight loss is different for everyone. We have different tendencies, tastes, preferences, and doubts. Low-fat diets may work, but if your downfall has always been too many sugary carbs, you’d be looking in the wrong place. Spinning workouts may have helped your neighbor lose 30 pounds, but if you’d rather be outdoors, it may not be right for you.

People who ignore this principle ignore the realities of who they are and what motivates them. It’s no wonder that diets and workout programs usually make people feel intimidated, uncomfortable and frustrated.

To be successful, your program has to stay true to who you are and fit your personality. This is true right down to the individual meal and workout choices you make. If your daily dieting and fitness actions ignore your nature, how likely are they to become habits or permanent parts of your lifestyle? Not very.

Take these fun profile quizzes today. 10 minutes now can save you a lot of trouble, failure and self-doubt in the future. Knowing yourself is the first step to knowing how to succeed this time around.

Click Here for your Diet Personality Profile.

Click Here for your Fitness Personality Profiler.

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Member Comments

Good article. Report
I don't know.... some of the questions I chose an answer closest but not what I would actually choose or do... My outcome was a Calorie and Carb Crazed Independent Thinker..... but really not so much the carbs... it did make me more thoughtful of the answer I would have picked of it was there.... sounds like rambling but it makes sense to me! ha ha!!! Report
This has helped me out tremendously. Now that I know more about my reactions to food and exercise, I can utilize my diet and fitness personalities to create a diet & workout plan that I know will work for me. Report
The diet personality quiz what right on for me. I really am a fast fueler and it is hard to get in healthy meals when you are always on the go! I usually forget to eat when I have a day off work because I am so busy running around that I dont have time to cook and sit down to eat so I will go with fast food. I like the tips they give to combat some of the problems that come with this personality type. Report
WOW - taking these two profile tests helped me see potential pitfalls as well as strengths I can use to increase my fitness levels. Thanks! Report
The result of the fitness quiz fit me to a T. I was frustrated by the diet test because I was almost evenly split amongst three categories. So much to do, so little time! Report
the diet and fitness personality profiler really reflects my personality i have found myself in the results....... great test Report
I am so NOT into exercising that I couldn't answer the fitness questions. The eating habits pegged me closely. I love to eat and to go out with friends and eat. Report
I agree that the exercise test was more accurate than the diet test and that I didn't find choices on the diet test that were accurate. I eat mostly at home, not at restaurants and don't eat much prepared foods. Report
The exercise profile quiz seemed more accurate. Report
Interesting- I didn't like most of the answer options in the diet profile, and don't agree with the result, but the fitness profile was dead on! Report
I took the quizzes and they were accurate. I also took the Atzmi quiz and was disappointed to find that it was just another way to sell a product. I'm not naive enough to think that things don't come wihtout a price, but I can't stand wasting time taking a "test" then finding that the only way to get the results is to sign up for another product or service. Report
I took both quizzes and to me, they didn't put me where I thought. Something to think about. Report
Yep, I took the quiz and they got me pegged. I'm a fast fueler. Tis a good thing that I brought my lunch when I worked. To this day, it's kind of hard to go to a restaurant and have a slow, drawn out lunch, unless I'm with friends. Got to keep moving and a protracted lunch won't get me there. Report


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