6 Important Things to Verify Before Buying Eggs

Buying eggs might seem like a straightforward purchase that doesn’t require much thought—but not all eggs are created equal. Did you know that some brands – like Eggland’s Best® –are nutritionally superior to other eggs sold at your local grocer?

We’re all busier than ever, and you might be accustomed to just picking up the closest carton and placing it in your cart. But to get the most for your money, keep these important factors in mind when shopping for eggs.

Nutrition: By now, it’s common knowledge that eggs have significant health benefits. But when compared to ordinary eggs, Eggland’s Best kicks up the nutritional value to another level. You’ll get 10 times the amount of Vitamin E, 38 percent more lutein, six times more Vitamin D, more than double the Omega-3 content and 25 percent less saturated fat, making EB a smart choice for anyone looking to adhere to a healthier diet.

Sell-by/best-before date: You’re probably already familiar with the date stamped on the side of the egg carton—but do you know what it actually represents in terms of freshness and safety? When you see a "Advertisementsell-by date", that means the eggs can be used for up to 30 days after that date, as long as they are intact (not cracked) and refrigerated. The "sell-by/best-before date," on the other hand, means the eggs can be safely used within two weeks of that date. Eggland’s eggs typically arrive at the grocery store within three days of laying, ensuring a level of freshness, strength and quality that exceeds what is typically found in ordinary eggs.

Refrigeration: All eggs must remain in constant refrigeration after processing to ensure optimal freshness.

Animal Welfare: The quality of an egg starts at the farm with humane animal care. You have the power to choose a brand like Eggland’s Best that is committed to ethical and compassionate practices. The company feeds its hens a wholesome, high-quality diet that is nutritionally superior to what is fed to other hens that produce ordinary eggs. Additionally, all of Eggland’s Best’s cage-free and organic flocks are certified as humane by either the American Humane or the Humane Farm Animal Care program, and their classic flocks are certified by the United Egg Producers for animal welfare.

Organic certification: If you prefer to adhere to an organic diet, be sure to check to see which eggs are marked as organic before purchasing them. For example, Eggland’s Best offers an organic variety of eggs that adhere to National Organic Program standards. While all of their eggs offer the same nutritional benefits, the organic eggs are produced by hens that are fed with organically produced ingredients.

Logo: When you purchase brand-name eggs, you’ll see the brand’s logo clearly marked on the carton. Eggland’s Best eggs are all marked with a distinctive logo indicating that each egg meets the company’s high standards for quality control, animal welfare and optimal nutrition.

By keeping this important information in mind next time you’re shopping for eggs, you can ensure that you are bringing home the very best for you and your family.
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