7 Things Your Salad Says about You

Many people choose to eat salads because they’re healthy, filling and simple to make. But there’s more to salad selection than what meets the eye; if you think about it, you can tell a lot about a person by the type of salad they choose! That’s right—your lunch can actually say a lot about you and your personality. What does your salad say about you?

You Eat the Same Salad Every Day
Can you pack your salad with your eyes closed? Have you eaten the exact same lunchtime salad every day for the past year (or more)? Then you probably love keeping a routine and are pretty resistant to change unless something drastically better comes along. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? But you never know what you're missing out on if you don't try new things! Start small by adding in one or two new ingredients at a time. You might discover a new favorite!

You Experiment with Exotic Ingredients
If you like to top your salad with avocado slices, pomegranate, quinoa, or goji berries, you’re probably really up on health trends—and you love to try new things. That sense of adventure will get you far in life!

You Eat a Small Salad at the Start of Your Meal
If you eat a salad to kick off your meal (vs. eating it as a main course), you’re most likely not a huge veggie lover, but you're a mindful eater. You probably know that eating a salad before a main meal will help you eat fewer calories in the long run to help you manage your weight. Way to go! Every once in awhile, try having a salad as your meal; you might be surprised at how much you like it.

You Prefer the "Classics" 
Do you prefer Caesar salads or house salads as opposed to the fancier "gourmet" options? You’re probably a no-frills kind of person who's easy to please. You’re perfectly fine with the basics and don’t need a lot of fancy things to make you happy. As long as you're getting your greens, keep on keepin' on--but try to step outside your comfort zone every so often.

You're a Fan of Fruit
If you toss fruit in your salads, it means that you’re likely an opportunist. You always try to pack in as much produce as you possibly can in one sitting. Way to be efficient!

You Use a Lot of Dressing
If you tend to drown your leaves in dressing, it probably means you're not the biggest fan of the taste of raw veggies, but are trying hard to eat them, anyway. Good for you! Here's a tip: Cut back on the dressing by dipping your fork in it, instead of pouring the dressing on top of your salad. You'll save on calories and fat while still getting plenty of flavor!

You Use Tons of Toppings
If your salad has enough toppings to make it rival Mount Everest, you probably tend to be indecisive. Big decisions stress you out and you might hate choosing between many options—or you just love experiencing multiple contrasting flavors and textures with your greens. Nothing wrong with that; just make sure to track your food to make sure you're not turning your salad into a calorie bomb!
Take a good look at your salad the next time you're chowing down. You might learn something about yourself! 
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Member Comments

I tend to run in cycles on salad. Sometimes as a side and sometimes as a meal. Report
Love the last one. Report
Thanks Report
I don't mind salads. I just get bored after a while of eating them. I have tried many different ways to fix them Report
I'm sure my salad choices show how much I hate salads. Report
I order dressing on the side and dip the tines of my fork into it rather than pouring it all over the salad. I find that I use less that way. Report
I'm w/ pookie. I eat salads more in summer than during winter. I also make my own salad dressing so it's as healthy as the rest of the ingredients.
In a blender I use soft tofu, ACV, pineapple juice or apple cider, berries & seasonings like turmeric, garlic, or white pepper. It keeps well in a mason jar. I then get my fat from nuts, seeds, olives & avocado on the salad along with beets, hard cooked eggs, beans, bell peppers, onions, broccoli florets, corn, carrots, shroome. I try to use different toppings for variety in taste, texture & micro-nutrient value. Report
thank you Report
I eat salad for lunch about 3 or 4 times a week. Always different. Report
I think the Fan of Fruit salad option should mention that you are drawn to sweets (fructose is still process by the body as sugar and absorbed into your blood directly during digestion). This option is similar to drowning your salad in dressing, probably trying to hide the taste of the veggies/greens with all the sweetness of the fruit. I disagree that it is about efficiency which implies that it is even more healthy. Report
I eat salad most days for lunch and have been doing it for years. I put a variety of topping and dressings on my salads. I sometimes add ground flaxseeds, red onions or chickpeas. I add grilled chicken or a packet of tuna. I am not a big fruit on salad person. Report
I eat a salad for lunch most days. I do like to put various toppings on. Report
I enjoy my salad many different ways, somedays a simple Ceasar, others a Cobb salad, other days a fruit salad. Report


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