30 Ways to Revitalize Your Lunch Break

Lunchtime doesn't have to be bland or boring, just as it doesn't have to be a frenzied time to run errands or multitask. Our printable calendar provides 30 ideas to add a little adventure to your midday break.

Click here to download and print your Adventurous Lunch Break Calendar. (You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download this PDF.)

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Member Comments

These are some good ideas for me to try. I am permanently disabled and no longer in the workforce, however, I am at my computer desk a good many hours of my day. Time for me to unplug and see if my food tastes different, maybe my digestion would be better, and possibly I'll eat slower. It is said that it takes 20 minutes for the brain to send your stomach notice that you're full. I've been following this standard for some years now. Let's see if getting away from the desk will make a difference. Cheers! Report
Great article Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Great article! Report
Great ideas Report
Mixing it up. Report
Great ideas! Report
From time to time you need to change/switch it up..... Report
Thanks for the ideas. Report
thanks Report
thanks for the ideas. Report
thanks for the ideas. Report
Since retiring, lunch is more flexible for me. Lots of good ideas in this article. Report
Thanks Report


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