New Year's Resolution Survival Guide

Healthy New Year's Eve



Healthy Party Foods
Whether you're throwing a party or attending, these tips will help you stay on track. 



Throw a Fitness Party
Get a jump on your resolutions by bringing fitness and fun right to your living room.          

Diet-Friendly Alcohol Choices
This short guide to the calorie contents of different types of alcohol will help you choose the best drinks on New Year's Eve.



Alcohol & Weight Loss
Learn how alcohol affects your weight.



New Year's Resolutions


New Years Resolutions Teams
These SparkTeams offer support, motivation, and encouragement for this year's top 10 resolutions.



31 Tips for Unbreakable Resolutions
Set (and keep) solid resolutions that will help you achieve long-term success!    



Don't Resolve to Lose Weight!
Dietitian Becky Hand explains why you should never resolve to lose weight again.



Make Your Resolutions On Purpose
Learn which
goals offer happiness, success, and fulfillment.




Get Started on the Right Foot



Starting & Sticking with It

Try these 14 tips when you're having trouble staying motivated.



6 Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid
Are you guilty of any of these common mishaps?



Exercise Safety Tips for Beginners     
What you need to know before you start an exercise program



Top 10 Reasons to Drop 10
Unrealistic weight loss goals can often end in disaster, but starting small can help!
8 Things to Consider Before Joining a Gym
Do you know what to look for before signing the dotted line?

Goal-Setting & Motivation



Top 10 Strategies for Success

These simple ideas make it easy to succeed!



Keep the Momentum Going
3 ways to get back on track your resolutions are fizzling.

Goals that Help, Goals that Hurt     
3 steps to good goal-setting



Mastering Your Motivation
If you often find yourself wondering where your motivation went, then look no further. 
Motivation Resource Center   
Get even more tips and advice right here.                

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Member Comments

Good article. Report
I always make them and break them. Not this year I am going all the way. Report
I have a really hard time sticking to New Year's resolutions--hope
fully with some help from Spark People, I will be able to do better this year to stick to healthy eating and exercise. Report
I love setting resolutions at the start of each year - the feeling that I can make a fresh start really motivates me.

Over the years I've come up with a 4-step approach to help avoid January joy turning to February failure:
Step 1: Run a reality check
Step 2: Translate ‘what’ into ‘when’
Step 3: Focus on progress, not perfection
Step 4. Make it fun!

For the details of the steps check out my "HappinessStrateg
ies" blog. Report
I was disappointed in myself when I opened my journal and read my resolutions that I made Jan 1 2007. They are nearly identicle to the ones I just made for 2008 with the exception that I am better equipped to accomplish them this year. I am being realistic, specific and self loving... AND I have SparkPeople this year which I didn't last year! Good luck to everyone!! Report
I have NEVER made resolutions. I think this year I will make them and plan them out. Hopefully this works. Good Luck to ALL! Report
I have NEVER made resolutions. I think this year I will make them and plan them out. Hopefully this works. Good Luck to ALL! Report
I always have some resolutions. Usually they are boring and not well planned. This article is the best! I can now set out a plan and refer back to this whenever I need help. Report