31 Days to Healthier Holidays

Gathering with close friends and family members during the holidays creates lasting joy and memories. But with so many parties, celebrations and errands to run, it can be hard to keep up with your healthy lifestyle! Here are 31 daily tips that will help you make healthy choices throughout the holiday season.

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You can download a single-page calendar of all these tips here.
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Great tips. Thanks. Report
Thanks for the great ideas. Report
Great suggestions! Report
It's kind of fun to do the impossible.
- Walt Disney Report
Good information any time of the year. Report
Be an inspiration to those around you by making the most of each day. Report
I needed to read this. I printed out the calendar and it is on my Fridge. I will see it every time I go there. thanks Report
I read it once, said "that's good", printed it out, but bet you money I won't have time to read it every day, anyway...........
.......same as magazines, you just don't have time to sit and "ponder" anymore..........
........life get's in the way. Report
DELMEL, you can save it. Just click on more and the "save" option will appear. It will be stored in your favorite. Report
Great calendar but I couldn't save it. I need this to look back on. Report
Don't like that this is not in a PDF format anymore. I cannot open it in iBooks. Very disappointed. There still should be an option available for that and not just pinning. Report
Luvin it! :)
I added this to my "favorites" tool bar to open it easily each morning. Thanks! Report
THANK YOU! I printed it first thing this morning. It's come in handy already. I'm looking forward to more great tools and encouragement to stay on track this month. Report
thanks. although we know a lot of this already.....sure helps to get reminders! Report


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