31 Days to Stronger Bones

SparkPeople's calendar feature will help you focus on one healthy habit each month. For May, that means strengthening your bones.

Here are 31 daily tips that will help you build stronger bones and prevent future fractures. Click here to download and print your May calendar. (You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download this PDF.)

If you think your friends or family members might benefit from these bone-building tips, share this calendar with them by clicking the "Send This Article to a Friend" button below.
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Member Comments

This article reminded me to go take my cal/mag citrate for the day. Thank you for sharing! Report
Thank you. Report
So glad to see jumping can help bone density! I love jumping rope! Report
It does help Report
What MAME1616 said. Report
Aging and weak bones are interlinked. All women above the age of 35 should take good care of their bone health. Calcium rich supplements should be taken, and dairy products should also be taken on a daily basis. Report
On one of the days it says that dairy sources are the best sources of calcium. This is not true, because of the way animal calcium reacts in the body. Dairy calcium actually leaches calcium from the bones, it does not add to it. Look at the cultures that drink the most milk and eat the most cheese and you'll find they have the highest rates of osteoporosis, while those who eat/drink little or no animal calcium products have the lowest rates, if it exists at all. Same with any animal products - the cultures that eat the most have the highest rates of preventable dietary diseases. The best bet for strong bones is dark green leafy vegetables, especially when eaten with citrus, which helps assimilate the calcium to the body. Report
Great article, I just included multivitamin ,vitamin D, vitamin B12 and magnesium in my diet. I eat less meat more fish, fruits, steem green leafty vegetables, beans, I feel more energized. thanks! Report
I am thrilled to know that swimming is good for my bones, too! Up 'til now, I'd been feeling kind of bad when I chose to swim for exercise, thinking that it wasn't helping my bone density. I have several risk factors for osteoporosis and I'm doing everything I can to combat them. Report
My Trivia questions for today said we need to take a multi-vitamin to help prevent osteoporosis and referred us to the 30 day calendar for ways to prevent it. Nowhere on that calendar could I see multi-vitamins listed. Please tell me where I am overlooking it. Report
Keeping our bones as strong as possible. Thanks for the info. Report
The information is great! I did not know caffeine would inhibit calcium uptake! Report
The need for stronger bones is a must. Think about thisquestion. What is holding you up? I had low bone density 3 years ago, then I refused to take medecine and started to strength train and eating more calcium. My last test improved. Soooo Happy. Report
I find it difficult to us Adobe and it is so slow. Is there another method you could us for the calendars? I think they would be very helpful. Thank you. Grammap1 Report
These calendars are so helpful. Report


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